Magellan Mivue 420 1080p HD Dash Camera

Just got mine Thursday, so only one drive to and from work to go by…

It’s got a good solid quality feel to it. Little concerned about the mount, camera has some weight to it compared to other dash cams I’ve used, which occasionally fall off the windshield, Florida heat… Little tough to get it pointed right, stiff joint, nothing to lock it in place, but don’t think it’s going to move around. The mini USB is nice, and hope it can support the camera, if the suction cup lets go. The micro USB on some dashcams don’t last long, tough to solder back on the PC board too.

The drive to work is in the dark, and the video turned out pretty good. Bright lights cause some lens flare, but everything else was pretty good. Didn’t try to read license plate numbers, didn’t play it back with software that zooms in or takes a screen shot, but possible. It was fairly clear, not super grainy, colors too. Could see the dashcam screen, even read my speed easy while driving.

The drive home video was very clear, in bight sunlight. Couldn’t read the screen, but could have partially been the sunglass I was wearing. Not a huge deal, since I usually want the black screen anyway, and will have to see if there is a setting. Need to go back in, and fix the time anyway. It uses GPS time, and I need to add 2 hours. Should be no problem pull plate numbers off the video, couldn’t read them off the computer screen, but could see separate characters, and make a fair guess at which state it was from. Not a lot of fish-eye distortion from the wide angle lens, mostly just at the edges.

Downloaded the Magellan playback software, only played with it a little, but it works well. The google maps window keeps up pretty well with the video. Didn’t go through the whole trip, or see if it just follows the video, or will show the whole path. Does let you export the GPS though, so should still get it that way. Will be handy, since there are a lot of detours these days, mostly SunRail related…

Can only hope this dashcam holds up to the heat. It’s nice, and a good price. It’s got a lot of other features, which I disabled, and not likely interest in even trying. Don’t really need a lot of warnings and alerts, I know I’m a bad driver, no need for constant reminders about my speed, passing other cars, and such…

I have bought 3 of these now (2 for me, 1 for my brother), and I can’t say enough about them. They’re crystal clear, the night vision is about 7/10, and the GPS is spot-on. The Magellan software is pretty cool, as you can tell speed, direction and path during your trip. It’s also nice to travel from one time zone to another and have the time change automatically. Suction cup is super strong, and works great, even in direct sunlight. I haven’t had many issues with heat (live in Arkansas), but I’ve not had them a full year yet. Price is comparable to normal Amazon price–it’s a few bucks cheaper this go-round, so I got another one for my weekend driver.

Best bang for your buck! Get it! This camera is $180 retail and nobody sell it at Woot’s price. I had it for over a month. Forward collision constantly gave warning for no reason so I turned it off. Parking mode only works if you hardwire the power cable so it’ll have constant power feed to the camera. Time stamp is somehow an hour ahead and you can’t make the adjustment. This is the best deal for a good dash cam. Get it before it’s gone.
I didn’t need to download any software. The video plays with any video playbacks. It is broken down to 5 mins videos so it’s easier to find. Night time video is a little grainy but you can still see it clearly. I recommend getting a 128gb MicroSD because the one came with it doesn’t have enough spaces to store.