Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7" Widescreen Portable GPS

Do you have to pay a yearly fee for the service?

Actually, I have a similar unit. it means I do not have to suction cup my iPhone to the window to navigate any more. SOOOO much better than using a smart phone.

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Looks awesome. I get lost on my way to Middle Earth a lot.

This thing took me the wrong way through Canada and got me stuck at customs at rush hour for three hours. DO. NOT. LIKE.

Only for map updates and possibly live traffic info (varies by unit and company). Typically, once bought, you can just use it. I have not updated the maps on mine, and you see an occasional error or two, but no big deal.

how does a navigator get you stuck at customs? i do not understand.

but remember, these things just say they will get you there. they do not always do it in the best possible way, or the way you would do it. Since they show you a preview of your route, you could have decided it was wrong and ignored it.

Yeah. Some user sense required.

There are some good reasons not to buy this.

Here they are if you’re interested. This unit leaves a lot to be desired, even for this price.

How recent are the maps? Does it have a British accent or American? That’s a very important point to consider.

HSN spends about 18 minutes trying to sell this, and during that time show off quite a few of the features.

So…the FIRST mistake was deciding to go to Canada. haha…just kidding

I have the Roadmate 5045. I love Magellan!!

1.Multi-destination routing is awesome (even lets you optimize the route)
2.Highway lane assist is very helpful on those “spaghetti bowls” on the interstate
3. Points of interest are so easy to find
4. Spoken street names (but they are a little muffled)
5. I like the quick-spell cause it makes entering street names way easier


  1. Does not show speed limit!! This has been so frustrating to me!
  2. Suction cup falls off in below zero weather (which is like my entire winter)

All in all, this is a great brand!

Out of curiosity, does no one read speed limit signs anymore? I never use my crappy GPS as a speed limit reference, but perhaps everyone else relies on theirs all the time?

hmm… not bad, but no lifetime maps is a deal breaker for me. The resale value of this will drop as soon as new maps come out next year.

Oh I need this. My car came with a GPS, my Iphone has one too, I also have OnStar, and worst is I never go anywhere new. Think I’ll get one just in case. You never know! Everyone says I’m “lost”. :frowning:

I’m afraid that GPS’s have gone the way of the “mini-disc” and “betamax.” This technology is already obsolete. I have GPS on my phone, with maps, with spoken navigation, FOR FREE. GPS will be a by-gone soon.

Soon GPS systems will be in every car. They’re already in a lot of sedans and vans, so I bet they’ll spread like the common cold to other cars.

Personally I would buy a bigger brand like Tomtom, my dad has one and it is spectacular.

I own a Magellan Maestro 3200 GPS, and the map upgrades are $80 a pop. I can get this thing for the same price, and this would include a larger screen. Seems like a better deal.

this is why I think GPS units are going obsolete. I mean, if I have all this stuff on my phone right now for FREE, why would I pay for a separate unit, PLUS pay for map upgrades? Just doesn’t make any sense.