Magellan RoadMate 360 GPS Navigation System



After a sale is over, the pricing information is not available on the site. this post is a reference to the information of the item for 7/7/06

Magellan RoadMate 360 GPS Navigation System
$329.99+ $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Magellan RoadMate 360 GPS Navigation System

EDIT- I would just stick with a Tom Tom


Pretty good deal. If i was not building my carputer, which will include GPS, i’d scoop this sweet woot up.


Garmins are better


HAHA sweet. My old house is right off that exit shown in the dispaly map!


I have the garmin GPS palm pilot. GPS is a great tool. It always comes in handy, even in your own town. Magellan is a good company.


the cheapest on was $385.00


I agree.


Average reviews on Amazon… Bleh…


Wal Mart:


Was: $496.86


Here for $289: so $239 after the rebate.

NM, just noticed this one is refurbished.


Are people not seeing the rebatye that takes it down to 279.00?


Compare prices (before rebate)…

SecretPrices … $369.99 ($319.99 AR).

PriceGrabber … $459.97 ($409.97 AR).

Froogle . … $399.95 ($349.95 AR).

When comparing prices look carefully at the model and if its refurbed. Woot’s price is still the the lowest found AR.


AMAZON: 429.00 Rating 3/5

3 out of 20 Reviews:


I owned RoadMate 360 for over a month now, and I am very pleased with what it has provided so far ! If you focus on the short side of the POI database and address lookup then returned it back, you will miss alot ! I am not sure if other brand will do any better based the reviewed I have read !!
I want to comment on two thing about this unit which I like most compared with reviews from others GPS product !

  1. strong recalcute route function - I personally tested it on my way home from work and missed route on purpose for three times, everytimes it came up new route exact what I am thinking in my mind ! That’s why I know I can trust it if I am out of town, isn’t it ! I live in suburban area of Boston !
  2. reminder to turn in advance (0.5 mile) and alert you when you are approaching it with great accuracy ! No need to look at the screen when I am approaching next turn, I can totally rely on the voice instruction and never miss a turn, this is how confident I can trust it ! Thanks !

My family was very exciting to order and receive this product. But, we could not use this, since, the windshield mount is not bendable. So, once, it mounts to windshield, the GPS screen always face down. I really do not understand how to use this product.

IMHO, GPS is the best technological innovation since the wheel. But the Magellan 360 is clearly not the best execution of the concept. There are several flaws in design of this product:

  1. User manual only available on CD. Do I need to take my laptop to the car?

  2. Routing preference needs to be specified every time you choose a destination. Why can’t I just set “shortest time” as default foreverywhere I go?

  3. Street address input before city. Now wouldn’t the autofill function be more streamlined if the system had to look for relevant streets only in your town or city of interest rather than the entire region of the country you have chosen? Also: no city, no address. Say you just want to go to a small picturesque town, but don’t have a full address; no can do. Thank God for Main St.

  4. Brightness of monitor is not adjustable. You can see the display well during the day, but at night, you feel as if you had the interior lights of the car on.

  5. No simple-to-access mute option.

  6. Slow processor. If you miss an exit (yes I know the point of having a GPS is not to, but still, sometimes you do), it can take a few minutes to recalculate your new route. If you are going 55 miles/hr, that can be an awful long time.

  7. Weak antenna. If you start in a new section of town, or if the sky is overcast, it may take up to 15 minutes for the device to find out where it is. Yes it takes even longer if you fail to pull the antenna out.

  8. Can’t deal w/numbered streets. I recently went to Miami and found myself constantly looking for the closest street to where I was going that had a proper name, as numbered streets such as 112th SW, will not be accepted.

  9. Autonomous zoom. The device decides on its own when to zoom in and out. It would be nice to be able to override this feature.

  10. Odd choice of labeling on maps. A map will show the name of only certain streets. Oddly not the main ones, or the nearest ones.

I used to have a simple built-in GPS in a 2000 BMW. All it could do was show right and left arrows on the display. But it was fast as hell, and that trumps colored displays and Point of Interest add ons any day in my opinion. If you get this GPS, make sure you don’t leave your printed maps at home. You never know when you will need them!


Good stuff, i got one last year after moving to michigan and getting lost way too many times. Every 16 year old should have one when they get their first car, it really is worth it to know your kids will be ok.
We JUST got one for my mom for her birthday on monday. Actually special ordered it since they no longer sell this model. The new one is a lot more money and the features didn’t account for the price hike.


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edit: man I was late :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally use a BT GPS reciever and my Audiovox SMT5600… it’s way cheaper that way to be honest. A BT GPS reciever is 70 bucks, the phone… well you can get a new one like that for 120 bucks on ebay. Total cost? 190 bucks… software = depends on where you look.


Not quite! The 300R is $299.98 at Walmart, but the 360 is about $460 (just rolled back from $500). Helps to know what you’re talking about before you criticize…


Huh? It says “Online only” $459.97


Check out Walmart’s price!.


that’s for the 300R GPs…the 360 GPS system at Walmart is $460