Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam

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Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam
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I bought a Magellan dash cam/gps from Woot about a month ago. Had a problem with the micro SD card that came with the unit. I called Magellan and although they acknowledged the problem with the card, they wouldn’t replace it despite the warranty. My suggestion to buyers is to get a TomTom or Garmin unit. Magellan support is crappy. Their support is based in the Philippines and it’s impossible to contact someone on this continent by any means other than by snail mail. If someone from Magellan reads this and wants to right a wrong, my support case number was #510613. Perhaps you can reimburse me for the $25 micro SD card I had to buy to replace the dud sent with the unit.

The micro 8gb SD card is a $6 to $8 item on Amazon with free shipping. So at least it won’t be a 25 dollar problem if it happens to me.

I agree 100% with tomstep.
I bought the same item and had the same issue. I spent well over an hour with phone support on two different occasions and was given two different answers, both which were wrong. Woot came to bat for me and made it right, but I’ll never own another Magellan product again.
Buy at your own risk.

Not sure how you could have the same card issue with the same unit that you purchased from WOOT being that this is the first time WOOT has ever listed this item. I Purchased this unit from Costco and it has been working with no issues for the past 6 months. Great value here!!

I’ve owned Magellan Roadmates for over 15 years, The Support was always far above anyone else… HOWEVER, I did call their support a month ago for the 1st time in well Over a year, and found it to be TOTALLY to my dissatisfaction. reading your comments here Will cause me NOT TO upgrade to this unit. Thanks everyone… Keep the issues alive

I have one of these RoadMates, while it works as designed, the mapping color sucks bigtime. I dumped a 32g SD card in mine simply, the 8gigger is about a 1 hour or so recording time.

I wanted something that would save the video at least for 1 day.

BOUGHT this unit and was dead on arrival. Was told the only way for warranty was to FedX it back to repair location near Nashville. Did return at my expense of $19.00. Same unit was returned to me and still would not turn on. Repeat! Another $19.00. Dead again when returned. After disputes over the phone they said my warranty had expired…

Fixed the issued good…Cancelled the credit card charge. This company is a total scam.

These units all seem to have great functionality, regardless of make, and seem superior to the smartphone alternative, except for one thing… no handoff from a mobile device. At least I’m not seeing that as a selling point listed anywhere. When someone texts or emails me an address, or if I’m searching for a location online on my phone, it’s stupidly simple to touch-&-go through the phone’s gps. I also usually input my destination(s) into my phone gps even before entering my vehicle. I know I could do that with this, too, but I’m not carrying this thing around just for that purpose. I’d actually rather use a standalone gps unit to save battery life on my phone, but until they tether them and allow for more seamless data transfer, it’s a non-starter for me.

Why in the world would you buy one of these when you have Google maps on your phone!! A waste of $$$$$$

Because using phone cam for road cam would eat memory at an alarming rate?

Some of us, or our passengers, might like to use the phone for something else while driving instead of attaching it to the windshield like a stand alone GPS.

That said, I also had the nightmares with the 6230-LM model that was up a few weeks ago. Never again.

lots of salt in this comments section, which seems odd. having also bought a Magellan GPS/Dashcam from Woot last month (slightly cheaper model), i will share the following:

(1) having the dashcam lens on the back of the GPS is counter-intuitive & makes the unit very tricky to mount. unless you land it dead-center in your windshield, the car will obstruct part of the camera’s view. even with a center mount, the stand included with my Magellan GPS still shows up in a corner of the dashcam’s output.

(2) although my unit did not include an SD card, i have found a tendency for partial corruption using two (different brand) SD cards that i had laying around. these didn’t make the recording unusable, but did cut out portions of trips.

(3) contrary to what was advertised the model i purchased (again, slightly lower-end than this one) is NOT Mac compatible. while you can certainly plug the thing into a Mac, necessary software functions are Windows-only. it would be advisable to review the manual of this product if Mac compatibility is important, rather than taking Woot’s specifications as valid.

overall, i wasn’t unhappy with my purchase—but i probably wouldn’t have made it had those limitations been known in advance.

You can upgrade to a 64GB SD for $23.

The usual answer: You don’t always have cell signals but you almost always have satellite signal.

Middle of WI was no luck for phone signals.

Yes…if you paid $25 for a 8GB micro SD card , have I got a deal for you !

Not as bad as paying $25 for an 8GB SD card…but if you are paying more then 50 cents a GB
you are paying too much.

The original card was just 4 gigs, enough for an hour of recorded video. I purchased a 32 GB card for $25 (Canadian). Its hard to find anything smaller than a 16 GB card now. lol