Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam

Can you get upgraded maps for Europe?

I checked around on their site and couldn’t find a map for Europe. You might contact them to be sure.

Can I use this GPS as a truck GPS?

No it is for cars only, lol yes works with any vehicle or motorcycle or bicycle.

I bought this on recent Woot deal and was (again) underwhelmed by Magellan’s user interfaces, both on the GPS and their website. I should have expected it, since I’ve owned other earlier models, but I was looking for a dashcam and figured this would be a reasonable solution for a single windshield mounted device.

It took three days to get my GPS registered in their online database, for some technical issue in their server. I never did get the downloadable Windows application to work with it, which was fine, because once I was registered online, the builtin WiFi connection was able to connect and update software and maps. The update took several hours, but it finally completed. (I had the same experience yesterday when I picked up the latest sw/maps update, so that seems to be consistent.)

The search screen keyboard is a little too small for my fingers… which isn’t their fault, but something you might consider if you’ve got big fingers. There’s no auto-complete support, so you have to type in the whole search string. I have been impressed with using the names of places instead of the address; the database seems to be up-to-date and fairly complete. (Maybe this explains the long download??) One enormously frustrating design choice was putting the “CLOSE” button next to the search text field where the search button should be, and the “search” icon in the bottom right corner.

As far as the dashcam goes, I haven’t been playing too much with that, but it seems to work fine. The proximity and lane sensor features seem to work ok, but in reality, urban driving in heavy traffic forced me to turn them both off.

This unit is probably coming off the windshield this week and I’m going to go back to using my Garmin, I think, which has voice commands and a much better user interface. I’ll have to look for different webcam device, I guess.