Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam

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Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam
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For all those who don’t know how to download maps in Google Maps for offline use.

If Magellan had better navigation, then we wouldn’t have this educational song about him.


Or don’t want Google tracing them.

Or don’t want to complicate things by playing whack-a-[button] trying to use one device as a simultaneous stereo, phone, navigation, etc.

Or just like different navigation features/approaches/etc. (I like Garmin).

Or just aren’t you.

Looks like it has lifetime updates…I wouldn’t buy a GPS without that feature…

Somebody ate they Wheaties this morning. LOL

Or that might want a dashcam

Bad reviews at Amazon"+Full+HD+GPS+Dashcam+w%2F+8GB+SD+Card

I bought a Magellan 3065T-LM in 2012 which supposedly came with “Lifetime” map updates and kept it updated until around 2015 or so. Bought a smartphone around that time and pretty much stopped using the Magellan. I might have updated it once or twice in 2016.

Fast forward to June 2017. I went to update it ahead of a trip which I knew would involve spotty cell reception. The latest Magellan software would not update my 3065T-LM.

Supposedly if I call Magellan support they might re-activate updates for the device, but I have long since switched to using Waze, cell coverage has improved significantly, and my current phone plan has plenty of data. I haven’t seen a need to go through the trouble.

I’m wondering if “Lifetime” means lifetime of support of the device as opposed to end of the operability of the device.

I’m curious, with a combined nav/dashcam unit is one able to position the device in a comfortable viewing position AND provide the camera with a suitable view of the road? I myself wish the camera was a detachable unit which could be placed independent of the nav unit.

One of them by a Wooter no less…

I’ve had the same experience with Magellan’s “lifetime” maps. They simply stop supporting the device and you’re stuck with an out of date GPS. I live in a fast growing area where roads are re-routed and built often, so updated maps are kind of important. I switched to Waze and haven’t looked back. If you want a dashcam, this may be worth it, but I wouldn’t bet on Magellan’s support.

One I have you can’t adjust the camera lens direction, so the GPS has to face directly back, not towards you.

It sits in the glovebox now. Un-used.

I too bought a Magellan from Woot late last year. It also came with lifetime map updates, only I couldn’t get them to update. After a few incredibly frustrating and time consuming calls to Magellan in which I was told 3 different stories by 3 different customer service agents, it was determined that this particular model couldn’t take their current map update and I should wait until the compatibility issues were worked out…sometime within the next 3 months. In the meantime, my unit had maps which were already years old and pretty useless to me.
Magellan refused to issue a refund or upgrade to a current lifetime map supported unit, even when I offered to pay the difference. I determined at that time to never buy another Magellan product again.
Thankfully, Woot stepped up to the plate and issued me a full refund.
Buy Magellan at your own risk. The customer reviews are real.

I bought one of these a few months ago on Woot.


In the few weeks I tried to use the GPS, it frequently directed me to go AGAINST ONE-WAY TRAFFIC or in one specific case, it always directed to drive past my location and make two right turns (one was anti-one way)to get to parking,

I was convinced to buy the 6630 by reading about the features in the paragraph copied below.

"The 6630T-LM will alert drivers if their vehicle is leaving its lane, getting to close to the vehicle in front, time to switch drivers or take a break, and turn on the headlights.'

The “getting to [sic] close” feature was the clincher that persuaded me.

Unfortunately, in practice, that alert’s performance is abysmal. The audio would often alert when there were no vehicles in front for 200 yards or more, It also alerted when I when I would creep forward to close the gap while stopped at a traffic light. I soon muted the audio.

I only keep it for use as a dash cam with the shock record feature. Of course, I hope to never need that.

That is a bit about the unit’s performance but as bad as the unit performs, THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVEN WORSE. I WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER MAGELLAN PRODUCT.

Obviously, I do not recommend that you buy this.

Very fitting woot today as today in 1521 was when Ferdinand Magellan died.

Coincidence or planned as this seems to be a dead deal?

To be fair, this could be because of the map data.

Back when I used my Magellan, it would insist I needed to do multiple unnecessary turns to reach my house. Oddly, Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps all did the same thing. I live in a urban setting with roads that have existed for decades. All the roads up to my house were displayed. It’s obvious by looking at the map on the screen that only a couple left turns are needed. About a year ago, after many updates, all the smartphone apps finally took the correct route. Haven’t checked to see what the Magellan says, for reasons posted above.

This is where one needs to be aware of their surroundings and not blindly follow the nav software. Although I know the stress of being in an unfamiliar area with heavy traffic and having to make quick decisions when the nav unit is blurting out questionable directions.

If you are buying this for anything beyond the dashcam and navigation then save your money and a LOT of frustration!

I bought one of these the last time around and am quite disappointed. I was looking for a dashcam and the fact I could get that plus navigation; lane departure; traffic cam warnings; and all those other features, sounded amazing. But, alas, it was too good to be true.

I did end up with navigation and a dashcam for the price I would have paid for a decent dashcam. So, I guess I did okay in end. However, not as well as I was planning on:

The Lane Departure feature, even when properly calibrated, is annoying and doesn’t seem to work well. The forward collision warning is an outright JOKE. I had to turn them off. It’s like having friggin’ Chicken Little in the passenger seat, shouting “Be Careful!” every 15 seconds (literally). It seemingly has NO concept that you’re moving with traffic.

I do like the speed limit info.

Anyone remember the

Ferdinand Magellan The Circumnavigator podcast?

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