Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Dashcam

i bought this the last time it came up. I agree that it is not to intuitive, and takes some effort to get it to do what it claims…but now I use it all the time. first thing is to shut off the lane departure warnings, and the forward collision warnings - they are useless. but the gps and camera are just great. you have to update it, but just bring it near your wifi, and let 'er go.
I’d recommend this unit for those who do not mind spending a little time with it.

Bought one from a previous sale here and the battery wouldn’t last for longer than 30 minutes. Reached out directly to the manufacturer as indicated in the “fine print” here on woot! with my issues a week after and it’s been about 2 months now and no feedback as to what to do next…very disappointed!

Garbage, don’t waste your money and time on these.

More details would help wooters.

I really dislike using my phone for navigation so I use a dedicated GPS. I have tried Magellan, TomTom and recently bought a Garmin which I really dislike. My favorite was the Magellan which I would have continued using but it died after about 3 years. The price is good on this one, so I’m willing to give it a go. I don’t care about battery life - most of my travel goes longer than most GPS batteries can handle without being plugged in anyway.

I’ve dealt with Magellan CS and when I reached out to them in the past they were responsive. We’ll see if I have the same experience.

Too bad it doesn’t come with a 12volt plug in?

Vehicle power adapter? It does.

Not sure if I wrote my horror story above Magellan. Bought a GPS, within the first year power connector inside was loose. 6 hours from home and lost, lol.
Went through hoops trying to get service. They said “the unit is past the one year warranty”, I said “I bought it 6 months ago”, they said “manufacturing date is over a year”. I had to go back the the place of purchase even though I registered for the warranty online and submitted the purchase date to Magellan at the time…
They fixed it under warranty but the entire process and customer service was horrible. I swore I would never buy Magellan again… and I haven’t

Thanks Garmin!

Don’t waste your money as this is a risky investment. Bought it last time it was offered and it stopped working within a few weeks.

The power connector on the unit, as mentioned by another user, no longer worked. I called Magellan support and only got a recording instructing me to contact them via their website. Did so and provided them with all them details of the defect, model number, date of purchase, etc.

Got a form reply asking for all the above and a list of 10 or questions that didn’t apply. Never was able to get a return authorization or able to contact real person.

Woot stepped in and provided me with a full refund but Magellan support is non-existent. Woot was very helpful.

Also, as also mentioned by others, don’t expect the lane assist or accident avoidance features to be of any use as it was just constant chatter and had to be turned off.

As a GPS and camera, they worked fine the two or three weeks the unit actually worked. Too bad Magellan has sunk this low.

My father had a similar issue with a Garmin. He went through a few GPS units with paid updates. He’s a total cheapskate, so they were never updated. But he’d complain if he was led astray due to road changes.

So, I got him a Garmin with lifetime updates, set it all up with his PC, and showed him how to update it.

He complained one day about how it wasn’t updated to show the new road that was built. I asked him when he updated it, he had no idea. It turns out, he had not updated it for three years and wouldn’t update. I contacted Garmin and one of their critera for determining end of like is the customer stops using the device. They interpret no longer updating the device means you are no longer using it.

Luckily, I was able to play the feeble, elderly and technology challenged card and they reactivated his updates.

Also of note… Most of these “lifetime update” guarantees include a number of years clause, as in “we provide updates for 3 years, which is considered the life of the device.”

Bought this because I was looking for a dash cam. Had happily used a Garmin for years. Have to say, the only redeeming qualities of this are the dash cam and the search feature (very comprehensive compared to Garmin). I would love to see my ETA and my MPH at the same time - can’t do that. I would love to save my preferred level of zoom so I don’t have to adjust it each time I start a new route - can’t do that. I would love to easily add another destination to my route - takes about 7 steps. I would love to have the time of day clearly displayed - it’s teeny tiny in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. I would love to automatically end my route - it stays on a “you have reached your destination” screen until you manually turn it off, even after starting the car the next day. Traffic is only accurate some of the time. Annoying icons in the middle of the screen that alert to traffic and they won’t go away. Cryptic icons about speed cameras (I think that’s what they are, though I haven’t actually seen any that I’ve been warned about) that won’t go away. The only reason I continue to use it is because of the dash cam. Otherwise it’s very frustrating to use. Would not recommend.

I need to know if this product works in Costa Rica???

From the specs:

Preloaded Maps US, Canada, Puerto Rico

Bought this on woot a couple of months ago. DO NOT buy a Magellan. Customer service is horrible. The dashcam has never worked and Magellan response has been no help at all. Basic navigation was OK until 2 weeks ago. Magellan pushed out an update and now my screen says MAP IS NOT AUTHENTICATED. Been waiting 2 weeks for help from Magellan support but no response. DO NOT BUY

Purchased this item mainly for the dashcam and quickly realized it is not the value I expected it to be. It worked out of the box but after a map update, the unit is bricked displaying “map not found” message. I can’t connect to the SmartGPSeco site with it either. Returning this horrible excuse for a GPS ASAP.