Magic Death Ball

Congrats Oakenspirit!!!

Am I going to buy one?

Reply hazy try again

Remember to wear this to business decision meetings.

Maybe you’re asking Alderaan questions…

Great design Travis!

Nice blue glow

I think it would be awesome if this came with different responses, depending on your mood.

Clever on several levels. Nicely done, Oakenspirit!

I heard if you shake this too hard, a bomb falls right into the ventilation shaft that goes right through the center of this thing. As so as that happens, BOOM. All your evil dreams are spacedust.

How thick is the hoodie?

Man, the warning labels and disclaimers that must come with this little gizmo.

Clever idea, oakenspirit, and it looks great. Congrats on your first daily design. :^)

This is the shirt you’re looking for.

I’m thinkig of buying 2 for my kids… but will this sweatshirt encourage people to shake them?
In for 2…

Looks really sharp, and it’s witty, to boot! Congrats on your first daily, oaken!

WIZARD! -Guess I should have stayed up- Impossible to see, the future is…

Thanks so much everyone! :smiley: And thanks to Travis and woot for getting this thing printed!

To celebrate my first daily- I’m giving away free shirts on muh facebook page- Just click my loving face below-

Not a good idea to shake this 8-ball. Congrats on another print, Travis!

The pullover hoodie is a medium weight fleece. It’s not super thick for frigid weather, but not t-shirt thin either; good for cool to cold weather.

Do note the sizing chart; I go one size down with these hoodies versus the shirts (YMMV).

Congratulations on the print, Oakenspirit! Great design!

The only thing that could possibly make this any better would be if it glowed in the dark! Awesome shirt!

I’m not interested in the shirt, but I would absolutely buy a Death Star Eight Ball; great concept. Better get to marketing before someone at Lucasarts plagiarizes off your idea!


Exactly. lol Love it!