Magic Lamp

I’m just wondering where my cheezburger is, I did own that lamp at one point and I specifically asked for a cheezeburger.

nicely shiny, but all the cats I know would be trying to play catch the genie. Love + agree w/ the what this shirt tells the world…

I find this the most excellently executed meme shirt to date. Nice work.

Bet that cat will wish for a cheezeburger 3 times, and then still be asking “I can haz cheezeburger?!”

Wow, I actually got the first shirt. lol

“jlegos lies in wait on your bedroom floor. Then when you least suspect it, BAM! You step on him in the dark. And that hurts.”

And then the Scooby Doo gang show up, peel off the mask, and reveal that it was a woman from the beginning of the episode all along.

“Enjoy your…cheeseburger. Little do you know it’s made from ground monkey’s paw.”

So THAT’S what happened to Apu…

I’m hungry now. Anyone know if McDonald’s is open at this time?

Cheeseburger! Double it with ketchup and mustard only please. Now it has me almost drooling!

I can haz an original idea on a shirt plz? Wasn’t the meme derby a long time ago?

EDIT: Reading back, that seems a little harsh. I’m just so tired of seeing the same ideas over and over and over again ad nauseum. The execution was pretty good but the subject was trite.

24hrs around here in NY :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow, I don’t think that’d be a cat’s first wish. Mouse catcher, unlimited supply of catnip, ever-flushing toilet, but not a cheezeburger.

Congrats on your first print, JLegos!

Why are wishing for a cheezburger?!?!

Everyone knows you’re supposed ask if you can haz more wishes!

That’s Genie 101!

crap…Woot! beat me to it :[

This is why you always read the write up first.
No QP for me :cry:

I hope for the cat’s sake that this genie doesn’t go into a Robin Williams shtick.

Am I the only one seeing light-grayish horizontal stripes on the cat’s fur? They weren’t there during the derby and keep reminding me of a printer running out of ink. Any chance that could be fixed before the shirts print?

But… it’s still a meme shirt. Fads are bad kids! waggles finger

Love the whole shirt but the cheezburger is the selling point for me. Thought I might go a week without buying a shirt lol…

No, the “It’s a trap” one is better