Magnalite® Classic® Cookware

Love my Magnalite pots! I’ve had the big set for over 30 years. They get heavy use, but have held up extremely well. Not even any loose knobs or handles. Over the years I’ve picked up additional pieces for my set. The 10-qt stock pot is tempting me now. I can make LOTS of gumbo in that one!

Many countries have banned aluminum cookware. Lot’s of health/safety concerns…including a link to alzheimers.

Real links to those foreign government sites?

The ban on cookware seems to be mostly a myth. Usually when someone states it, there’s followup from people claiming to live in stated country claiming otherwise.

Rather, it seems some countries may have regulations to maintain a high degree of aluminum purity, not the other way.

The link to Alzheimer’s is debated but there doesn’t seem to be a link. You should know other metals have been implicated as well, such as copper.

And people cook plenty on aluminum foil, aluminum camping gear, we even eat aluminum based antacids. It also seems to be heavily used in the restaurant business for storage as well as cookware.

Also, most of the people stating some metal in cookware is bad, also state other metals in almost all cookware is bad. Cast iron, teflon and similar nonsticks, copper, chrome, even stainless steel are said to have health consequences.

aluminum and alzheimers.The lie that won’t die.