Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV

product: 1 Magnavox 37MF337B 37” LCD 720p HDTV

$549.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

I hope they have a 37" LCD 720p on this sell-off.

ha-HA beat ya!

dammit. I was going to buy that viewsonic too.

this looks like it could be from a James Bond movie . . .

well crap. slept for a second and missed the viewsonic. wasn’t meant to be I guess.

LOL, classic… seems theres nothing but!

How many 37" TV’s do wooters need?

Jesus there must be 20 of these…

nope Agatha Christie’s Hercule Perot …from BBC show Mystery

Me too! I am trying to hold out for a 37" LCD, so I can go in for 3! Hope they have one soon.

I’m amazed Magnavox still makes TV’s to be honest …

i want a tv for my room. what would be a good size?

i was thinking 32… but would something smaller be ok too? whats the next size down?

that actor does a good job portraying him In my opinion

isn’t magnavox, ge, and rca all the same company?

is this a good tv? i can’t find reviews…

Tracker anyone?

I agree, he is better than the other actor they sometimes use… the one with a thin black mustache

It’s Poirot not Perot.

Hercule Perot is that little guy with the big ears who ran for President awhile back…