Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV

Come on Woot, I can hardly make out the inputs on the picture you guys put up of the back of this TV. Also, it is fuzzy. Was this intentional??? I would never buy Philips or Magnavox televisions as there has been a lot of trouble with them, (at least at the store I work at). Also, Philips/Magnavox has now begun outsourcing all it’s television manufacturing to the Japanese company Funai as of September 1st 2008.
See link below for more info:

That’s be because this TV was actually built in 2006.

I got screwed then. I just bought a brand new 32" Vizio plasma for $540 out the door at Costco.

lol, Only 37" and 720p? $550? Riiight.

My memory could be playing tricks on me, but is that screen image from Columbo?

720 is fine at this size. You might notice if you’re 3 inches from the screen, but even that…barely.

Go get you a 52" Sharp Aquos. Now that’s a great tv. Plus not a bad price.

Link please? Model # ?

I bought the vizio VP423 today @ costco for $729 - its 720p plasma and the cheapest Ive found anywhere. with 2yr warranty.

Correctamundo. Naysayers be damned, this is a fine Woot indeed.

i wanted a tv but i think this just may be to small for my needs

How about the actual height and width dimensions, anyone know? Just want to see if it would fit in my built-in entertainment cabinet. Thanks

You ain’t kiddin, Sharps are fantastic… 50in is a little to big for a bedroom… I like the 32in one

The only link on pricegrabber takes you to the wrong model.

Hmm, must be a Firefly fan. Or a pirate. Thanks for the clarification, matey.

Edit: Why on earth does Woot change F_irefly to Roseanne?

I’ve read that there is no standard for expressing contrast ratio. The number means whatever the marketing department wants it to mean. This is definitely true for computer LCDs, and probably for TVs as well.

Dynamic contrast usually means the TV has some way of altering contrast, by varying backlight brightness for example, depending on the scene type detected.

But generally contrast ratio is meaningless as a way to compare.

Found an article with this quote: “The important thing is, don’t shop for contrast levels, dynamic or static. Unless you do your viewing in a completely darkened room, the difference in contrast levels of most sets won’t be visible.”

There is no explaining. These are all different ways that manufacturers can make their televisions sound better than they are in the contrast ratio department. There is, to my knowledge, no set standard that manufacturers follow when determining contrast ratio. Many use either dynamic contrast ratio or static contrast ratio, depending on which one is higher, as a way to make the true contrast ratio sound higher than it really is. Very sneaky and deceptive. I am sure I will be corrected however, this has been my experience when trying to decipher true contrast ratios. I now look at two sets side by side with all settings set to normal to judge which one is better. By the way, Samsung LCD TVs seem to currently have the best picture in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

I’m pretty sure this model does have VGA imput:

Heh, that’s what I did as well, I went to a store(BestBuy) with the models I was interested in and then went home and bought online, saving $200. =P

Most likely Costco Wholesale. Correct???

It’s nice to know that Best Buy is good for something. I have done picture quality checks there too. I never buy from them however. Way too pricey and way too annoying.

Woot however, is a fun and entertaining place to shop, even if you do have to wait 24 hours before they put something new on the shelf. and, best of all, no pushy salesteens working on commission to pester you every fifteen seconds.