Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV

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Refurbished Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV, for $499.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips Magnavox 37MF337B 37” LCD 720p HDTV

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So who got this during the woot off for $50 more money and is it any good?

Wow, only 720p? Not worth $500.

I need a new tv so bad Woot, but your limited warranties are killing any serious smart buyers.

Pleas keep your thoughts contained. They haven’t earned a passport.

The image is the serum from “A Clockwork Orange”

If this is anything like the Westinghouse I just received from Woot; save your money, it’s a POC. Blurry, distorted, pixelated… let’s see; I guess that’s it. And when I asked Woot if I just bought a POC from them they said that calling Westinghouse was a good idea! TV’s are something you have to see to appreciated; the Westinghouse is AWFUL. I made a HUGE mistake trusting Woot to deliver a quality TV; OOPS!

i would take that into account…
except this isn’t a westinghouse.
thanks though

I got this at the wootoff and I have been very happy with it. The picture is huge and its way better than my roommate’s 720p.

I got one off Woot a couple months ago, so far its great. I paid $55 more so this looks like a good deal to me. I recommend getting the two-year warranty from square trade, because otherwise you might get screwed in 3 months.

The TV looks very nice, clear sharp picture. Only problems are a little bit of motion blur and none of the fancy features like Picture-In-Picture.

And you can get a 1080p for that price where?

From the Amazon review (where even the used ones are $50 more):

"One downside to the TV I can see right now is the refresh rate. I believe it’s 8ms. We were watching Smoking Aces on HBO HD and during a few of the high-paced action scenes, there was some noticeable pixelation during those scenes. But the TV recovers nicely once the action slowed down slightly so it’s good at handling moderate screen action.

Another is that standard definition channels don’t look good. There is a good amount of pixelation and a very noticeable difference from HD to SD."


$500 referb

sound like “stealth” serum to me

Gee, got a Westinghouse from woot, it’s perfect!
Customer service from Westinghouse was out standing, with one question, instant answer!
With the Oppo dvd, I have a happy kid!

would anyone recomend this for a PS3?

I would recommend 1080p for PS3 if you can afford it. Also at least 50". Better yet, get a projector if you dont mind the maintenance. Take advantage of the graphics capabilities of your $400-600 console.

You wouldnt buy a new computer and use a CRT, right?

Definitely go 1080p for a PS3. Bluray is about the ONLY reason you need 1080p (and some gaming). So, actually, for almost any other buyer 720p is plenty.

However, smaller dimensions are actually better for gaming. I’d say 37" would be pretty ideal. Maybe 42". Any bigger and you start to notice a greater discrepancy in joystick motion to onscreen translation.

I bought this TV last time it was up for $550. It absolutely rocks. the picture quality is great, and the size is perfect for 720P, there would be no point in have 1080P at this size TV. I’ve got a pretty small living room so I sit maybe 7 feet from the TV and it is exactly the right size.

Also this TV has VGA input so you can hook your PC directly to it without the need for a HDMI converter.

This is a very nice tv. I got it when it appeared on woot a couple months ago. I have my gaming rig hooked up to it via DVI to HDMI cable, and it handles COD4 and other fast paced games no problem. I also watch movies on it and it looks amazing for those too.

If you’re going to have it hooked up to a compy via HDMI though, just remember the resolution is 1366x768, so you’ll need to set a custom resolution for it. And no worries about the Nvidia-Phillips TV issue, cuz I’m running an 8800 GTS and it’s displaying fine. (Although if you are running an Nvidia card and can’t get the desktop resize to work, Nvidia has a fix for it, just search the support site)