Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV

I bought this a few months ago from woot. When I got it, the power button jammed. Magnavox sent it to this shady repair place that I had to report to the BBB because they kept lying about my TV for a month. I got it back and now the screen tints green and restarts itself every so often. I still need to call Magnavox because its under warranty still, but this time it’s either going to be send me a new TV or refund my money because i’m not dealing with repairmen anymore.

Yep. For this size and price I’d bite if 1080p…in a non-Philips/Magnavox, that is.

Yesterday, I took delivery of an "32 LG and is now connected via HDMI as a pc monitor (at 1360x768 res via a driver updated ATI graphics card, better screen quality vs PC-RGB route) new for $538 shipped…and it looks stunning. 720p for a "32 I believe is adequate, and getting 1080p would simply be a waste on this size…

Got this last time and sure it may be 720p but it’s an AWESOME set, and it was $50 more then!!

Not sure why this one is cheaper but it’s the same set and we love it.

All im going to say is - Not worth $500

The still is from “A Clockwork Orange,” one of Kubrick’s good ones.

While I haven’t done my research on magnavox vs. panasonic vs. sony vs. [insert company here]

This is a pretty bad deal. Look at the sunday ads (I can’t remember which one specificaly) but they have a NEW TV for 50 dollars more? And that’s the sunday Ads. do some research you’ll find something much better.

Wouldn’t buy this one.

I completely agree. If you buy the extended warranty it looses a lot of the “good deal” price difference from retail… Otherwise I would have bought this…

Curse You Daylight Savings time, making me look at this tv for an extra hour

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