Magnavox 37” LCD 720p HDTV

Haha! A Clockwork Orange. I just watched that last night.

clockwork orange???

Will this work with a Mac?


Say, $50 cheaper and I’d grab it.

hope they only have one! meep!

First page

will this still work if I ram my foot through it? damn.

720p, no thanks.

WOW! watch this one go!

OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is NOT good! Killed the LAST woot!

my woot checker was must faster than their page coming up

Same here

Is this any good?

I just got a used 36" CRT HDTV set for 80 dollars on craigslist… too bad it weighs 230 lbs… crazy.

Is this any good?

I’m so going to buy two of these and bang them to the beat of my mp3 player.

woot off killer… woots been selling these things for a long shot!

not quite as good as my 50" Pioneer Plasma… Drooooool

720p + >$200 = DO NOT WANT