Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player

How does this connect to the internet, I don’t see WiFi anywhere in the description or a RJ-45 in the connections thing to attach a Ethernet cable…

What do you do if you need a firmware update to play the newest titles?

bought this a while back…works, but its pretty slow to react to the remote’s button presses. it’s exactly what you would expect from a magnavox…

so i cant play netflix on this?

Player got a 3.5/5 rating on Amazon.

Seems decent for $65.

In Amazon with reviews averaging about 3.5 stars:

3 1/2 stars at Amazon:

Most found it to be a no frills machine (no surprise), but there was 1 complaint that it was DOA, and another 1 or 2 that the picture quality sucked.

hmmm… How will this hold up to those DRM updates that the blu-ray players keep needing? Ex. A LOT of people couldn’t play Avatar because the firmware wasn’t up to date.

Good basic player.
Anyone who would like to see the owner’s manual and read it before deciding on purchasing, go here:
Follow the Owner’s Manual link, type in model NB500MG1F, and download/view the pdf.

No network connectivity. Too bad. Passing on this one.

Cnet says that “the MB500MG1F is about as no-frills as Blu-ray players come.”

They also have a few more reviews by customers who collectively gave it 3 stars…

This is BD Profile 1.1, so most of the bells and whistles on BR discs won’t work.

Bought this for $80 on black friday last year. A reasonable player - nothing special, but very functional. I’d say it’s worth it at this price.

One note for any potential buyers: for whatever reason the player defaults to 480i output when using component cables. I was initially very disappointed in the picture quality until I found this setting. Now everything looks great :slight_smile:

They NEVER do woot-offs on weekends. However, there probably will be one this week. Keep on comin’ back boys and girls. (And practice your writing…that was the point of the email. They’re tired of your less than droll comments…)

As for the blu-ray player…$78 at Walmart, new. And there were a bunch of Sony blu-rays at Target today for $79.

I think blu-ray is going to go south with Google’s announcement of web TV; why do I need a blue ray player if I can just pull stuff down from the web directly??

Be the same as early generation which seem like what this one is. Download the the firmware and burn it onto a cd and run the cd in the player and it will update the player.

It doesn’t connect to the internet. For updates, you’d have to get them from the Magnavox website, burn to a CD, then use that to update the player. Seems like a huge hassle. I have an LG BD370 - it has an ethernet port and makes life a lot easier.

Strongly recommend against getting this, unless the cost is a really big deal to you (not judging, I’m sure it’s a big deal for a lot of people).

Support page at Magnavox

I have a question about the HDMI. Does this one carry both sound and picture?. I have a Sony BD player and both sound and pic go through HDMI, earlier versions of BD carried sound through separate cables while pic was through HDMI.


No frills? It plays blu-rays including Avatar with no problems. Mine is about 6 months old and has had no updates of any kind and works great. I don’t know if I would want anything with a drive that is refurbished.

I own this player. It works very well. Picture and sound quality are fantastic, load times are modest. There is no internet connectivity on this player. Firmware updates if needed would be burned to a disc from a computer (download from manufacturer) and installed like you’re installing pc software.

I haven’t put in a disc yet that wouldn’t go.