Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player



Meh, was just on woot on Monday…


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Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Magnavox NB500MG1F Blu-Ray Disc Player with SD Card Slot

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I didn’t think they still existed.


didnt yall just sell this POS yesterday???

damn computer.knife.sansa.roomba.woot!!!



Oh hey, I didn’t need this two days ago either!



Wasn’t this up yesterday too?


So can this one be updated or am I going to have to go without watching new movies at a certain point?


You can get them cheaper brand new…


just as lousy as the other day ><


Been wondering since I saw this a few days ago - what’s a ‘hat block’ ?


Woot-Off Ground Hogs Day!


this was on woot on monday like first poster said. Garbage blu-ray.


Cheapest Blu-Ray player i’ve ever seen


I was just thinking the same thing.

Why must you end every post with “homeskillet”?


C’mon, put a Blu-ray up here that has Wi-fi and I’ll get it…


Some good (or not so good) comments in the previous woot.


The theme for this Woot-Off is repetition!


No Ethernet = FAIL


you like dick ? it’s in every post you do.