Magnavox Blu-ray Player with VUDU and Wireless LAN

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Magnavox Blu-ray Player with VUDU and Wireless LAN
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Welcome back.

Sure is ugly…

Yay, no more shirts!! I love it when the reckoning ends as scheduled!!!

lousy reviews on amazon

I wonder if this is compatible with the soon-to-be overpriced Netflix …

Does anyone know if these can be updated to be compatible with Hulu+ or Netflix?

OK, I’ll be the first to ask: What’s VUDU?

did someone misplace a brick?

Hello everyone, lets start wooting!

yah only 2 stars :frowning:

Nice price, wonder if they’re any good?

Like my new woot-off lights?

Does it come with a doll and needles?

No Netflix…no sale.

11 ONE star reviews out of 21 reviews

seems legit i’m in for 3

No more shirts happy dance

Doesn’t do Netflix, only Vudu, so its very basic. Of course its cheap. Thing is, you can get a new one with Netflix and other features for not a huge amount more.

Good price. I have a magnavox blu-ray player and like it. Bought it last black friday for 65. I would buy this if I had been wanting one and didn’t already have one…

edit: Mine does netflix which is the main reason I like it. It does have a good picture though on a 46" lcd…

This is that Walmart Black Friday special that nobody wanted because it can’t do Netflix. I’d stay away…there were really bad reviews from Walmart.