Magnavox Blu-ray Player with VUDU and Wireless LAN

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Magnavox Blu-ray Player with VUDU and Wireless LAN
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Clipping right along. Good job.

Seems like a good deal.

Man, I’d like to buy a cheap standalone Blu-ray player but the reviews are TURRIBLE!

Well actually it just seems folks are complaining about false advertising on the package. Maybe the player is pretty decent?

“Right,” she said, “just what we need. ANOTHER damn DVD player”

No streaming? Pass.

If I’m going to spend anything more than $20 for one of these, it better double as a internet movie streamer.

It streams VUDU but not Netflix.

If you have an Xbox or something, you probably would avoid using the Netflix version packaged in one of these boxes anyways.

Just be aware that this is the 5120 model and may not be compatible with Netflix.

is boycotting Woot-Offs until they mix it up. No more 3 hour Roombas. Put the BoC up at truly random times. Yep, no Woots for me. Except maybe the monkey… I so love the monkey.