Magnavox FM Transmitter

Looks like a dollar store item, NO WANT!

You can get a digital one for less than this $12 item.

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Magnavox FM Transmitter
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Magnavox FM Transmitter – MFMT301


The 4 fixed frequencies will not cut it for myself. Too much travel.

Should work very well in a rural area.

These work with all devices with a 3.5mm output like Zunes and Ipods.

Fixed frequencies = bad buy. Unless this thing’s got a really, really powerful signal, you’re unlikely to reliably get a clear sound with a choice of just four stations.

good price but only 4 stations

oh wow…avoid this woot at all costs. Magnavox should be paying you to purchase this thing.

WOuld be cooler if it pluged into your cigarette lighter and did not require batteries.

Pass, These are okay, but I would rather have one that runs off the cars 12v dc plug.

Only 4 channels? Wouldn’t it be worth getting the Belkin or I-River with many more channels?

I have one identical to this, works ok, but I got it cheaper at Walmart.

In general, these work good in low density areas but are not very good in the city. My wife loved our FM transmitter but only on road trips; in the city it was hard to find free frequencies. And with only four frequencies that might be really hard.

i expect these will suck ass, but i bought 3 anyways. lets hope i got a magic one that will overpower the local 88.7 station.

Ya gotta admit… the Mannheim Steamroller comment really points out why everyone needs this.

You hear me, Chip Davis?? Knock off the Criss-Crossmas crap and get back to Fresh Aire 3 stuff.

If you want decent audio quality, go to and find an adapter to add an auxillary input to your current car stereo. If you know what you’re doing, go somewhere else and get it cheaper. Difference is night and day.

If these suck, what’s another one I could get for a cheap price?

Second that, its the first thing that came to mind?

looks like carp, but I’m in for 3 anyway, since I always need them. so many portable iEverythings in the fam.