Magnet Grip Pro Magnetic Drill Bit Set

Magnet Grip Pro Magnetic Drill Bit Set

Don’t see anything special since the average bit driver is magnetic.

I question whether these are “drill bits” at all (like the product description says). Aren’t they “driver bits”? They even give you a screwdriver handle.


Not sure but that’s how it’s listed on Amazon. We generally try to match titles so people can find the product.

Vendor also gave us this title.


Wow thank you. A person could end up being very disappointed if they didn’t look closely at the pics.

So blatant false advertising is OK as long as someone else started it? Utter nonsense. People would be better off if they can’t find it on Amazon.

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Just the messenger here. I pass it on, that’s what I got back.

What a strange product. As far as I can tell, the only unique feature of this system is the black collars that go around the driver bits (as previously noted, not a single “drill bit” in the package). The black collars seem to have no function other than to hold the magnet close to the bit tip.

But you don’t need the magnet right next to the tip – it can go in the bit holder, which would make it usable with standard driver bits. The bit itself (being made of steel) would then carry the magnetic flux to the tip, to hold the screw. Simple as that, no extra silly collars and magnets to install, remove, and misplace.

If you really want that magnet up close, Makita makes a bit holder (B-35097) for example, that has a single plastic collar to hold it there, which attaches to the holder rather than the bit. Again, this makes it compatible with standard driver bits (Makita’s or anyone else’s), so you can replace them easily when they get dull. And of course there are plenty more variations on the theme out there.