Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah (6)



Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah 6-Pack
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2008 Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah
2009 Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah
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Anyone had this? Big Syrah fan but need some assistance here…


Hi there-
I’m Ken Foster, winemaker for Mahoney Vineyards… so I may have a biased palate, but at least I have had the wine… recently even…
What style do you look for in the Syrah world? We go for balance, not raw power… avoiding new oak and big extract, aiming for a softer, more fruit driven style. The 2008 is a classic cooler climate example, although without the sharper green peppercorn notes you sometimes get in cold regions. The 2009 is more ripe, with dense fruit that stops short of seeming cooked or jammy. Anyway, let me know if I can answer any questions. And to the Woot crowd at large, thanks for having us!


Any chance we can get some stats in addition to alc? I’m into cool climate syrah’s and this may be a winner if it has the right structure. Hopefully pH under 3.6


Thanks for joining us. Welcome. I am trying to resolve your description of less extracted, but fruit driven. Can you comment on some additional stats like pH and TA? Thanks again.


I don’t have the exact numbers at hand, but I would guess we’re in the 3.65 to 3.7 range. One thing that happens in cool climates is that when sugar comes up slowly, and you wait for riper flavors, acids can drop off… We typically will adjust acid with a goal of finishing Malolactic at a pH in the 3.6’s. At least in California, it’s rare to get the fruit expression and end up below 3.6 without adding acid… but those adds, done in fermenter, knit nicely into the wine.


By less extracted, I’m referring to fermenter management. We use small, open top tanks for the Syrah, destemming without crushing to retain whole berries, and limiting punch-downs to one per day after the midpoint of fermentation to keep from extracting excess tannins from the seeds. It’s very much a Pinot Noir strategy applied to Syrah, but I have found that the more tannin you extract, the more you tend to lose the fruit… and I like fruit better than tannin. The greater percentage of whole berries also lends a fresher fruit note, while protecting the seeds from too much exposure, and hence extraction.


Not shipping to Michigan, what a pity. :frowning:


yes…what a shame


More input:

The Winespies link is for an older vintage but gives you info on the style of wine which may help you decide . . .

Amazing depth of experience for this winemaker from what I’ve read. I hope to see more of their wines here. May have to break my SIWBM today.


As I share the same last name as the winery I feel like it is my destiny to buy and enjoy this wine. I don’t often(ever) post here but very much enjoy the wines and the discussions.
I do have a question about shipping. Planning on shipping to FL to family but they will only be there through the end of March. I see the note about shipping in 3-5 days but was just hoping to be reassured. Odds on arriving in Estero FL by month end?


Love the transparency about acidulation. That kind of honesty will you get you far around here, as will your participation. Welcome and thanks for jumping in.


Sounds like something right up my alley. $22 for the 09 on the website so this appears to be a good deal. I can’t find any info on the 08. Anyone have anything more to say regarding the 08? I need something to push me over the fence on this one.


Ken, can you go into detail about your wine making experience? Thanks for jumping on.


Ugh, I’m pretending like I’m still poor and holding to the SIWBM and the I have no time to drink a bottle anyway moratorium, but I’m a huge Syrah fan and this sounds fun, and a good price. I think I will need to throw myself into my work today and then forget about this later or I will buy, no doubt!

Work, who am I kidding, I’ll need to find a dark corner to nap in, get paid, then go home and play video games.


I’m snagging one to give it a try. My wife and I stopped by the vineyard on our trip to Napa and bought some Albarinos that were wonderful to drink. Everyone who tasted them raved. These guys can definitely make some fab wine that I do know so taking a chance on this Syrah is safe in my humble opinion. Hopefully you guys will offer the Albarino next!


I am interested in these wines, but I only want 1 of each, anyone willing to split with me? I’m located in SoCal, LA area. Thanks!


You guys may not know who you’re dealing with in Ken Foster. I went to school with him at Davis in the early '80s, and he went on to run David Bruce in the Santa Cruz Mountains - incredible Pinots and Syrahs. He’s always had a wonderfully skilled hand, and understands all about structure, balance, longevity and soulfulness. He’s a highly respected innovator and a sought-after speaker, but with a classic aesthetic. His wines are always graceful, focused and well knit.

Francis Mahoney, who started Carneros Creek in the 70s, did a lot of the early investigation into Pinot Noir clones, so as a team, these guys really know their terroir.