Maille French Traditional Dijon or Whole Grain Mustard 9lb Foodservice Pack

I purchased nearly 4 lbs of olives, so I guess I don’t have too much room to question people’s need for bulk food, but really? Is anyone going to purchase this who isn’t a chef/caterer/restaurant owner? I just can’t even fathom how long it would take me to get through 9 lbs of any condiment.

I love Maille mustard and have a jar of each of these in my fridge right now. But I can’t imagine how long it would take to use NINE POUNDS. I’d have to have mustard vinaigrette, deviled eggs, and sandwiches every day for a year.

That said, the price is really good if you look at how much a small jar of the stuff costs. (A big one is $40+ online, by my research.)

French Tomato Mustard Pie

4 oz of mustard per pie, so you will go through 9lbs fairly quickly.

In for none.

Hopefully there are a number of restaurant owners on here that will kill this deal.

Just a FYI. Maille French Traditional Dijon was actually one of the only two Highly Recommended dijon mustards in Cooks Illustrated’s latest taste testing of mustards in 2008. So, actually, it should be pretty high quality. Their review is below.

“Maille Dijon Originale Traditional Dijon Mustard: It had a ‘nice balance of head and complexity,’ with tasters calling out ‘perfume-y’ flavors of ‘smoke,’ ‘butter,’ ‘fruit,’ and ‘pepper.’ It was the second hottest mustard in our lineup.”

EDIT: actually, there were 3 Highly Recommended’s out of the 8. 4 out of the 8 were “Recommended with Reservations” or below (their scale is “Highly Recommended,” “Recommended,” “Recommended with Reservations,” then “Not Recommended.”

I like mustard- don’t get me wrong…
but I don’t know if I have eaten 9 lbs of mustard in my life - and I am 50…

Well, I’m in Chicago, but the little squeeze bottles I buy of Maille’s grain dijon at the Paulina Meat Market last me a coupla months.

However, this might be a way to keep the ginormous raccoons in Andersonville from digging into the trash.

Wow. Talk about great timing! I just invited 4000 close friends over to my house for a brat fest! I am in for three!

Where is Mustard Man (from FARK) when you need him?

Man, considering I’ve had the same 4oz jar of mustard in my jar for a year and it’s not empty yet…hmm…does mustard keep for 35+ years?

I thought mustard essentially had no fat. Am I wrong?


melainer bought one, PLEASE tell us why…

You know, I’ve written some pretty pretentious tasting notes for wine before, but…seriously? For mustard? Yeesh.

Sweaty ass must taste fantastic then. The whole grain is the best.

Are you implying that pretentiousness should be the sole domain of winos?

I’d been in for one if only it came with an equal sized tub of lard.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day on wine.woot (under Winery Details):

Owner: Unilever.

I took one for the team. Although it’s a HUGE container, I have several family members who like Maille mustard as much as I do, AND this stuff can be portioned, vac-sealed and frozen. I used my free shipping coupon that I got from the Deals side too.

what does this have to do with wine?

Make it bounce.