Main page errors


Since the woot off ended, my screen has been screwed up. When a woot loads, the text continues all the way ‘under’ the side bar. I cannot read either the woot item description nor the sidebar info and must use alternate areas of the site. Anyone have any idea what happened? I haven’t changed my display, etc. Have a late model HP laptop. This is the only site I have any graphic probs with. Appreciate any help. Thanks.


That has happened to me before, very rarely.
What browser are you using, and have you tried a different one?


I’m using ie6 and really don’t want to use another one. I haven’t had any probs until the 1st item after the woot off and since then. And no probs with any other sites. Thanks for responding. So did your prob go away after a while?


just for the halibut, try changing your screen resolution.

it may be that somehow the font size got changed; i.e., by holding the control button while using the mouse wheel. changing the resolution might put the fonts back to the right relationship.


I tried it all: resolution, font, etc. Surprisingly, everything changes except woot. How weird is that? I appreciate your help. Thanks. Guess I’ll wait for it to heal itself unless you get an idea.


yes, it only happened intermittently and only when I was using IE.
Since I switched to Firefox I haven’t had a problem.
You might want to try it, just a suggestion.


Just loaded Firefox and the prob is fixed. Thanks for all your help.


could be a cache problem.


I’m always having cash problems . . .


hmm, maybe its a change problem instead?


Or an inability/unwillingness to change . . .


I actually dumped my cache about 6 weeks ago for another prob and woot was still fine. It’s crazy. I’ll also try that b/c now I’m switching between firefox and ie6 b/c some of my sites aren’t working on firefox. Thanks.


I use to have cash problems ,then I had Credit Problems, I got rid of both now I only got Alcohol problems but dont worry I’m drinking it up as fast as I can.