MAINStage Sound System



sells for $120 on ebay


$400 at other places…


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Well the items are getting better now.


anyone have product reviews? or buy this before?



Seems like the link on the front page is busted, so it probably doesn’t count.


Price is 399.00 + at Crutchfield




it has great audio I have one


The forum servers are showing some serious lag, at least for me.


are there multiple different versions of this thing?


damn anybody got some reviews or somethin on this, looks pretty cool



Whats the dilly-o with the comments?!


I looked jigh and lo and these things cost $399 everywhere. 1 Available on eBay in 3 days currently @ $110…

WOW What a WOOT!!!


OK get ready just like last woot=off
blinged out cabbage just popped up on the screen while i was refreshing…i thinks this is what happened last wootoff a few items before bandolier of carrots appeared.


Anyone ever try this speaker before?


Nobody in to discuss this?


Anybody have any experience with this unit?
I cant seem to find any decent or professional reviews, thought Crutchfield sells it for 399.00 (course crutchfield is WAY overpriced always)