Maison de Monaco French Inspired Preserves - 3 Pack

Maison de Monaco French Inspired Preserves - 3 Pack
$15.99 + $5 shipping
1 Peach & Lavender Preserves 7.75oz
1 Raspberry & Violet Preserves 7.75oz
1 Blackberry & Poppy Flower Preserves 7.75oz

Previous offer:
9/14/11 (woot-off)

Is this the same stuff offered during the woot off a few weeks ago?

How much alcohol do these contain? I guess my question is, will I need to eat all 3 to get a buzz or just 1?

So this is like Fleur de Jam?

Yes it was offered in the Woot Off for a very limited time

There is no alcohol in there sorry !! just great jam

Hello everybody,
i just want to introduce myself, I’am Coco, the preserves maker.
I hope you will enjoy my fruit preserves as I enjoy to make them.

if you have any questions…go ahead

raspberry & Violet? Peaches & Lavender? Ok, do we put this on toast or am I supposed to dab it behind my ears.

How strong are the notes of the flowers? Do they cover up at all the flavor of the fruit?

Blackberry & Poppy Flower? is that for the opiate addict in all of us?

what is fleur de jam?
Is it only made with flowers?
because the preserves i’m making are made with fruits and flowers, the idea is to taste both of them

i try to make a good balance between the fruit and the flower…if you put too much lavender…it tastes like soap!!!

Hey, it’s been a while since I was the first sucker. Yay me. Takes the sting off a rough night at my friend’s poker game tonight. And I missed these during the recent Woot-off, so I’m in for a big boxful. Thursdays are the only day I look at wine.woot!

no, it is the flower flavor…but maybe you can become addicted …to the taste…who knows??

What is the eating window on these bottles?

This actually sounds lovely. I am not sure I can bring myself to spend $20 on jam right now, but the flavor combos sound really interesting. I will have to think about this one for a minute.
Has anyone already tried them? Do they labrat this kind of thing?

Are the fruits organic/chemical free?

This sounds incredibly good!
Mr Grandmother always mixed 2 fruits to make jam.
She made an apple/peach jam that was heavenly.
It poured out of the jar like honey.

Is the Blackberry jam seedless?

you can keep them 2 years as long as it is closed, once it is open keep them in the fridge, you have 3 weeks to eat them, because i don’t put any preservatives or corn syrup…or chemical products

i’m pretty new in this country, but i used to sell these jams for ten years in France, and yes it is chemical free