Maison de Monaco Preserves



Maison de Monaco Preserves 3-Pack with Carrier
$19.99 (Normally $29.99) 33% off List Price
In the Box:
(1) Maison de Monaco 3-Pack Preserves with Carrier includes:
Blackberry & Poppy Flower Preserves, 7.75 oz.
Apricot & Hibiscus Preserves, 7.75 oz
Strawberry & Cassis Cream Preserves, 7.75 oz
3-Jar Carrier Stand


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It seems to me it would be dificult to get the preserves (or at least the last dregs) from these jars. Maybe they’re sort of soupy and just slide out.


Same 7.75 ounce size but regular shape jars were $4 on sale at local grocery store not too long ago. Of course it didn’t include the carrier but I can live without it.


Maison de Monaco Preserves of the month club? That’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the entire year.


Good afternoon, I’m the manufacturer… so if you have any questions…pleas feel free to ask


anyone tried these before?


I’m having such a hard time finding good crumpets these days…


I miss “You can’t have our waffles.”


Pleasure to meet you! I ordered a set, I LOVE flowers in preserves! I just with the berries were organic. Berries have lots of pesticides that don’t wash off, so I like organic options, even if it costs more. Thanks!


The berries are coming from Oregon…they are not organic. I try to make a natural product as much as I can. I don’t use corn syrup or preservatives…The list of ingredients is very short and very simple. All the preserves have 70% of fruits and are cooked at a low temperature which keep all the flavors.
I had my company in France for ten years and make the jams the same way I was making them in France…Hope you will enjoy them


I did try them before and they are excelent. The flavors are very unique


I would love to buy again, but as bolligra says, this shape jar must lead to waste. If the regular jars from the early sales come back, I’ll grab them… wonderful product.