Maison De Monaco

I ordered the mixed-pack last time they were offered and these jams are the real deal. I’d recommend giving them a try if you’re on the fence.

Darn you woot, why’d you have to add that Strawberry & Sichuan Pepper Preserves this time around? I was all ready to purchase the variety pack for my mother and none for myself this time but I want to have a jar of the Strawberry & Sichuan Pepper for myself! I wonder if I could get away with telling her it is really just a 5-pack but they packed it in a 6-pack box.

  1. These are really damn tasty

  2. My favorite is the Peach Lavender, unfortunately, so I’ll probably pass on this round.

  3. …the Blackberry variety is kind of tempting though.

Edit: I caved and went for another mixed variety set, I’ve been mad-craving figs. :B

Hi This is Coco, the jam maker…You will enjoy them…the apricot fig is delicious with goat cheese!! on a cracker

I’m sure your mom will forgive you…

Ok, I bought em, you pushed me over the fence. I do really like jam though.

looks like someone dipped into the strawberry blackcurrant cream in the picture…

This is one of the best products offered on wine woot. I love the fact that they are introducing new flavors. We still haven’t come across a flavor we did not like. Two thumbs up!

Thank you so much!!!

Question from a highly tempted diabetic: how many grans of sugar per serving and what’s the serving size?

I’ve been waiting for these to come back around. Peach Lavender is my favorite, but that blackberry is a close second so I’m in. Excited to try the fig and strawberry sichuan, since those are new to me. Goat cheese and wine, here I come! (And toast, and plain yogurt, and by the spoonful…I love this stuff)

They are 6 - 9 carbs per tablespoon, depending on the flavor. I have the blueberry, fig, apricot, and strawberry.

My mom and a friend are both diabetic, they love these.

The Blackberry Poppy Flower is my absolute fave!

Are the preserves kosher?

good morning, the preserves are not Kosher

What is the shelf life?

all the preserves are pasteurized and feature a two year shelf life. Once opened, keep them in the fridge and eat them within 3 weeks. The sugar content is low and I do not add any preservatives.

I bought these to try them. I thank you for saying to use them within 3 weeks after opening. Or I would have let them sit in the fridge at least a few months like all my other jams. So these I won’t.

LOL, Someone got hungry while doing the photo shoot. The strawberry one isn’t as full as the others.