Major League Baseball Pennants

$20? Seriously? Ummmm, no thanks

That’s what I said…$20 for a pennant? woah…

Woot has seriously jumped the shark with the pennants! And, the shark can have 'em.

Also what I said. $20 for a piece of felt? Pass!

Maybe, if they were in the 5 bill range.

it looks like alot of these are selling. they’ll probably be more next time.


Ditto. Back in the early 80’s, I used to collect pennants from national parks and they were great quality. Ran anywhere from $1.25~$5 depending on location and size. Even in 2014, $20 is way too much IMHO.


Doesn’t look that way to me. Looks like Washington had maybe 1 left when they offered the Woot and the rest aren’t selling at all.

I’m from the Philly area. I’m even a Phillies fan.

And yet, I can’t believe woot would bother to show a Phillies pennant in the main picture…