Make Something Cool

They said to make something cool, so he made this shirt.

I am deeply in love with this shirt. I want to buy 2 in different sizes in case I lose weight.

I could use a motivational shirt.

Nice design, but a bit oversized on the shirt.

And thanks for offering the latest dailys with the tank option. Eventually, I will find another I want, if you keep it up. :slight_smile:

Wish this weren’t on brown, but stoked about all the tanks! Woo!

I made a tray of ice cubes… does that count?

Seriously tho, I love the palette, and the text style is neat!

Serious question here… why are tank tops more expensive? I would imagine them to be cheaper to make but apparently not. Are they harder to print on or use more material or something?

Maybe the assembly costs are higher. And there’s supply vs demand.

I picked a bad day to go to bed early! This is a cool thing to wake up to though. Thanks for the print Woot!

I’m a maker, so this is an instant buy.

The tank tops are manufactured by American Apparel here in the USA (Los Angeles, CA) where sewing operators are paid $13+/hour.

The t-shirts are manufactured by Anvil in Honduras or Nicaragua; wages are about that much per day.

Another great $10 shirt, I could tell it was one of your’s in a millisecond, TR.


This style of design by thatrobert is always fun.

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When can we get a remix to this tee? Love the concept, Hate it in brown