Make Your Bedding Better

Bought one of these sets in March of this year and it is already falling apart. It looked lovely when we first received it but now has tears in several places after being washed once. I’ll spend more for a set that wears better next time.

Thanks for the review. I was wondering if this was worth pulling the trigger.

Like the look of this set. I’d NEVER buy any bedding made of microfiber polyester. Polyester’s hot in summer and cold in winter. Best use for polyester: tires.

Cotton is much better. Cotton knit is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Waiting for W00t to get cotton bedding that looks as good as this set.

I bought the “Arden Hotel Circle” comforter back in March…and I have to agree, it doesn’t wear well. I’ve had it on my master bed and it just looks cheap. Also, I think it may have been a “second” because there are ill placed stitches on the comfortable that keeps it from laying flat.

You’d find better quality in a walmart/kmart bed in a box set :frowning:

Mine just came in. I got the yellow and Grey set and the color is way way off from the picture. The color is actually green. It looks like the color was touched up on Woot because the same picture is on the package and it is a greenish color. It looks cool but I just bought all mustard yellow accents for my room not going to work at all.

Sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.