Make Your Home So Much Better

Only buy the “Sto-Away Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack” if you are going to anchor this to your walls. If you do not anchor it then it will tip over with normal weight shovels, rakes, etc… due to the racks lightweight.

Looks like the light mine was priced in error. They’re six bucks on Amazon as well as Home Depot. The $12 price tag on Woot would have to buy a 3-pack to make it a deal.

I believe the 42 Drawer Storage box actual dimensions are: 17 H x 14.75 W x 5.25 D inches, not the 140 x 50 inches listed. Also currently cheaper on sale at sears…

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, fixed the dimensions.

$9.50 shipping for me from Sears. Not available in store.

However, at least for my zip code, Sears has free shipping on orders over $59. At $27.96 each, that does mean buying 3 if Sears doesn’t sell anything else you need. It is spring, however…

Could somebody PLEASE fix the specs for the Striker Magnetic Light Mine???

Everyplace I’ve checked says these things are tiny…from “1.8 inches” to “the size of a quarter”…yet, you say this is 8 x 11 x 2 inches.

Since when did WOOT start selling products based on the apparent size of the box they come in?

On the Striker Magnetic Light Mines… is there a way to replace the battery? I’ve seen reviews that say you get a few hours of use and then you have to throw them out. That seems unnecessary…

Fudge. I missed the network connect/test kit, I could have really used one of those.

About the color coded set of 20ml plastic jars. 20ml is really really small. A little more than a tablespoon. So these little jars won’t hold much.

What is a “banana tap” and why would you need an extension cord for a banana?