Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Just received my plates from the last offering of Rachel Ray plates. These are stoneware, not Porcelain. I pointed this out to Woot customer service but I see the items are still described as “porcelain”.

So are these anti-fatigue mats the ones filled with gel or memory foam. I got my mother one of the gel-filled ones off of Amazon and she swears by it now. As much as I like memory foam, I think I prefer the gel.

These are an eco-friendly polyurethane composition. Here’s a cut-away pic from the sale:

I’ve stood around on it a few times the last few days. It’s very nice. Has a nice amount of cushion to it.

I think my reaction to most of these items can be summarized as “get off my lawn!”. When I saw the $14 “garbage bowl”, I wondered what’s wrong with kids today that they can’t just grab whatever dirty bowl is in the sink and put their scraps in there. If you need me, I’ll be on the shuffleboard court.

Honestly, this is why I installed a garbage disposal.

We have municipal compostable waste collection, so I frequently just peel stuff over the compost bin. My kitchen is also really small, so the bin is right behind me anyway.

Wondering when all the Paula Deen stuff will start flowing through Woot.