Make Your Own Luck

Somehow a dragon seems fitting for a gold derby. Also has been reminding me of a story I read (and loved) about a boy who drew cats.

Something about the dragon’s lack of pupils bugs me. Otherwise, sweet shirt.

I was hoping for the golden ratio. The new rules have failed me for the first time.

2 reasons I had to get this lucky gold dragon shirt - 1. I’m Asian and 2. My hubby is the year of the dragon :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see the gold ink on this red shirt (red is lucky too)!

Luck is already on my side - I got First Sucker!!

On the bright side, it’s also the only time.

Optomist? Pessimist? Realist?

Awesome choice Bassanimation. Congrats Ochopika, you make the most adorable shirts. Love the dragon’s smile.

I’d be in for one in a heartbeat if the blanks weren’t so abysmal…

I like! It immediately draws to mind the chinese idiom. =D

Misleading premise. Shows one scenario but below surface means something else.

What a good choice!

Reminds me of

In a very good way. Very pleased to see this later entry get in. It’s a fun shirt. Hats off to the first guest judge.

Looks like Ocho made her own luck in this Derby! Beautiful design; deceptively simple at first glance, but with an entire story behind it. Nice choice, Bass; congratulations, Ocho!


Nice design. I own the other shirt with the same title.

So glad to have been able to pick this design! I found it to be a great depiction of innocence and imagination. As kids we all dream of fantastic creatures and have imaginary friends that we want to bring to life. Also this image was really well executed, with charming touches of ‘paint’, and the subtle use of the gold ink. :smiley:

Gotta get me one now!!! Congrats, Ochopika!

I love when artwork can show the idea of childhood imagination! one of my faves is my brothers colab
the orange has faded now :,(
don’t suppose there’s a chance of a re-print? >.<

I love how it looks like the dragon is coming to life off of the wall. Here’s hoping the gold ink looks awesome, 'cause I’ve got a phoenix shirt and a dragon shirt coming to me now with the gold ink.

It is said that the pen (brush) is mightier than the sword.

But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked…

Reminds me of this recent (and amazing) animation: