MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation) 3D Printer

I have the M3D printer (Kickstarter $299), now $349 and up. It is a great little 3D printer and I would not pay more than $500 for an entry level device. The prices are coming way down on these, and rapidly. If you shell out $1500 for one of these now, you’ll probably regret it later, unless you are the kind of person who absolutely must buy into new technologies as an early adopter.

I still don’t see the point in owning one of these. You can print plastic objects? woohoo? Maybe if I had children and couldn’t afford real plastic army men

Google about the print head. They clocg and break liken crazy. Great machine while it works, but my makers spache has gone through a dozen heads. Unless you want to be down waiting for amhead that is hopefully under warentee stay away.

While I won’t argue that this is expensive for what it is (A thing that prints plastic items). I will say, after a quick google, this is the best price out there right now for one of these, even if it is factory reconditioned.

If I was in the market for one, or just had the spare $1500 I’d buy it.

My gosh man! Expand your mind beyond toys! I can’t tell you how many plastic parts on various products have broken and the mfg tell me they are no longer available. That being said, I still wouldn’t shell out $1500 bucks for one.

Based on the comments the Kickstarter printer is not ready for production… or being shipped in a reasonable time.

I bought different brand 3D printer about a year ago, and now their price is about 1/2 of what I paid…
They are really handy printing such things like phone cases, decorative objects, etc., I made my own desk lamp with recycled parts and 3d print out. Tons of useful stuff at thingeverse

Yeh, I can see not being able to afford plastic army men and then buying the $1,500 printer.

I got that part but if you don’t have the schematics then what will you do? Make a dozen each slightly modified until you get the right on? This isn’t logical still but I did think of that too.

no no, buying this without purpose would open the door to army men in the future. gosh… have to explain everything. lol

People still don’t understand that mass distribution of 3d printers is a contrived step in the plan to eliminate homo sapiens by AI. When zero hour hits these puppies will be cranking out small terminator bots to cleanse every house of its bipedal parasites (us). But yeah, sure, why stave off the inevitable? Go ahead and buy one.