Makin' Biscuits

Two in the row! Congrats, Ocho!


domination continues.

Also, WHERE’S THE APRON?! :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: Have the original Makin’ Bread on shirts and apron form.)

Mmmmm! Cat head biscuits!

Congratulations on the double whammy Ocho!!

Double take derby or ochopika Double Feature weekend ; ) Gotta love a packed with cuteness sequel.


What a Purrfect way to end my evening! Congrats!! :slight_smile:

(Must rehash Ocho/Rasabi’s epic duel …)

Time to make the cronuts.


Really?? This is pretty amazing, thanks yous guys!

noooooooo! no more scones for kitteh…

Yes, yes, yes!!! So thrilled to see this print!! Must buy one to go with my Makin’ Bread!!! :wink:

Yay for cat double win! and scones.

Already have Makin’ Bread for myself, husband loves it. Just bought Makin’ Biscuits for him. Matching baking cat shirts. Ayup.

Best squee-qel ever!

i was wearing my making biscuits shirt today! i must have this one too!

Funny, because I was just wearing Makin’ Bread. My 3.5yo always comments on it because he loves baking with mommy. I should get him this matching shirt.

That shirt you’re wearing is so 1 hour ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally predicted the two in a row. Even said it out loud to wifey as the page loaded :slight_smile: congrats again.

I, too, am wearing the first one today and then couldn’t resist getting the second!

=^. .^=


Hmmmm yesss… actually…