Makin' Bread and Biscuits

Ha! I’m wearing Makin’ Bread right now (as of this timestamp), actually!

In for biscuits on AA; previously I bought the apron already.

Finally! Been waiting for the biscuits apron and tote! Whoo hoo!

My wife’s favorite designs. Should’ve taken the opportunity to add a design or two- Makin’ Pizza would’ve been hilarious and a MUST BUY.

I LOVE the biscuits…but NEED it in a ladies V neck!! I never see that and it hurts my feelings…

Hahaha! That would be funny. I’ll see if they’ll let me make some more kitteh shirts while I’m working here. =^_^=

They are also my wife’s favorites, but she won’t wear the Anvil shirts due to their cut.

The Makin’ Biscuits I got her on Anvil was cut up and made into a dress (with the design intact).

I want to buy her an AA one from this sale, but she won’t wear orange.

All Ocho kittehs, all the time!

(And on purple, please?)

Another vote for purple!!

[strike]This would look great on an apron. Do they not do aprons anymore?[/strike]

Haven’t seen an offer for aprons in a long time and just assumed without looking. Derp - there they are…

Ugh, I added this to my cart but fell asleep and forgot to order before it sold out! Can I get this anywhere else? My girlfriend would love it.


Did anyone else buy an apron and have the image printed too low, like around the stomach area? The apron was advertised with the image printed high and near the top of the apron, like the chest area. I think the image will get dirty faster around the stomach area. :frowning:

Ugh, that sucks. Please send your order details to

Thank you for your reply. I sent an email.