Makin' Bread Oven Mitt

Ochopika cat oven mitt! So excited. In for three!

<3 Ocho kitteh.

Is it for children or adults? 6" long isn’t an adult hand…

It’s actually about 13" long.

Is it printed in heatproof ink that won’t melt onto the first thing I picked up?

I bought 2 shirt boxes once upon a time just to get these, the ink doesn’t melt and they work well, but they are not water resistant at all, so don’t use them if they get a little wet. They are absolutely adorable.


Bought 3…probably have 1 set for the oven, 1 for wearing out on cold days (because seriously…the mittens you get are just as ridiculously unwieldy, and these are show-stoppers), and 1 for replacing after a disaster…like someone on the subway nicking them.

Purrfect, just PURRRRFECT!

So ‘Don’t wash them’ is also necessary?

Or just…don’t use them for the oven if they get a little wet?

I would cry if I saw the cat disappearing into a muddy puddle of ink before my eyes, like a watercolor in the rain…just want to be prepared. And then I can wear them out only on dry cold days…

These are sold as individual mitts (not in pairs). So if you ordered three, you’ll get three mitts total. Which still gives you a pair and a spare. :slight_smile:

Oops yea sorry, 6" was a typo. It’s 13" long and 6" wide. =^_^= Thanks for buying all my cat mitts!

The ink is very durable, the one I have is still in great shape. I think they meant that the oven mitt isn’t water-resistant at all so don’t like…reach into a deep-fryer with it.

Yeah I’ve put mine in the washer a couple times and it was fine. :slight_smile: Just don’t try to use it to remove stuff from the oven if it’s wet, because the heat will go through it into your hand. Same thing if you tried to pick up a hot pan using a wet dish towel. No bueno.

Definitely don’t go Fire Marshal Bill with these!

Didn’t see that coming. Well, then…good to be prepared!

Hey Woot, are you ever going to reissue these like the tee’s? I want one! I keep checking back and hoping…