Makin’ Bread

Oh, I knead this.

From what I’ve heard, felines make a purr-fect banana bread. -commence collective groan-

As cute as that cat is, I don’t think that the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is going to be happy about this.

Darling. Orange tabbies are my favorite.

Okay, after having seen this in two seperate derbies, I feel inclined to ask now:

Please some one explain the gag to me? What’s the subtext?

Cat looks so darn happy it’s nearly irresistible; nice fish detail on the towel.

The question I’ve asked most in my life has finally been answered. It’s been bread all along!

There’s just something about cat bread, isn’t there?

Cutest dough kneading cat ever! Love it <3
Big congrats on first place Ochopika!:slight_smile:

I love catbread. ;D

Also, my first thoughts went to this. I dare you to not smile. I. Dare. You.

you’re not a cat person, are ya?

If this came in a gluten-free version, I’d be all over it.

Finally something I votes for wins it all! I must buy more than one to celebrate. Must!

It’s the kneading, which seems to be pretty serious business judging by their expressions while doing it.

Shoulda’ been Makin’ Muffins. Alliteration is the best.

The “joke” is cute. The design is good. But I would not wear or buy a cat shirt. Ever. Even so, congratulations!

If it were a cute puppy dog, I’d be all over it.

specifically, making biscuits!