Making Cookies

Yum! My favorite kind of cookie… what a delicious design! Great job, Patrick! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is horrible! This is calls for the destruction of the homes of these elves! Once you destroy these trees, we won’t get the cookies anymore!

Instant cookies,magically delicious

You don’t have to cut down the whole tree just to get a couple of cookie elves. Just bore a hole in each side and fit a shop-vac to the hole and presto! You may want to pad the bottom of the shop-vac canister to avoid broken cookies. Also remember to return the Elf to its tree; they never leave their trees, no matter how many times you do this!

Needs to be an apron.

Thought this was so clever, I posted it on my facebook. :slight_smile: