Making Music

The photo of the Gold Tone M-Bass-FL Acoustic Fretless MicroBass shows a fretted instrument at this time.

It is fretless. What you see are the fret lines that sit flush with the neck. This is a pretty cool microbass. I wish I could afford to pick this up right now. Great price.

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up. He’s not a professional musician, but likes to play around at home. He can play piano and has two guitars (one acoustic and one electric.) He also has computer programs and this digital drumpad thing where he creates tracks and layers them together with his recorded guitar tracks (I would describe his musical style as rock).

I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff, so any advice on what would be the “most cool” item here for someone like him to receive? Do guitarists like having a bass around also? What’s the difference between fretted or not? Thanks!

Why does Woot never have accordions?

Sounds like your BF is a flexible musician. Having a bass would probably make him very happy, but since musicians are usually pretty selective about their instruments, I wouldn’t try a surprise gift. Not that he wouldn’t appreciate it, but you don’t want to waste your money on something he won’t use.

Guitarists (and those who play other instruments) definitely like having a bass around, and this one looks interesting. Price seems excellent, as mentioned above. More info here, including a review that makes me ask – Woot, what’s the return policy on this?

Any chance of us ever getting left-handed options for guitars and basses as well?

That fret-less electric/acoustic bass looks great!

I would say buying him a bass is a good idea. Also, any REAL percussion would be greatly appreciated.

The bongos would be a nice addition but he could probably use a Cajon, especially for his recording applications.

Food for thought.

This is a great deal on the Gold Tone Micro Bass. I prefer the U Bass style, but considered the Micro when I bought my U Bass. When I was last at Guitar Center, these were $400 instruments. That’s definitely not an inflated MSRP. Great deal. Thanks Woot!

YES. That’s what has always held me back, and while everyone is saying these bass(es?) are a great deal, it’s still a lot of money. Maybe I should buy him a new effects pedal; he seems to really like those but then again, also super selective about those. Bah.

I’ll get him pizza.

Find out if he has a Wah Wah pedal and if not, get him this one:

Sad that I missed the bass :frowning:

Anyways, can any banjo players tell me why the current Banjo is a better buy than this one besides the bag?

Buying cheap instruments over the internet virtually guarantees dissatisfaction and failure. There’s no way $65 is going to buy you a guitar worth playing.

If you want to learn to play, see a good local dealer (not a big box store) and have them help you find a quality instrument that feels good to you and fits your needs as a student. It’ll cost you more, but it’s far less likely to wind up collecting dust in a closet, like these will when you find out they’re barely playable.

Your heart is in the right place, and I see your frustration, but you just made the right decision.

If you got him musical gear that wasn’t what he wanted, that would be awkward; he’d have to try to pretend he liked it, and you’d have seen through that, and you know what comes next. :slight_smile:

5 basses, for the whole country! Come on, let’s offer some MORE!

There going to be any basses added at any point? That deal is killer, and I’d love one!

whoa, woot? what’s this? Amazon has the same mic & speaker (with free prime shipping no less) for $20 UNDER woot’s price! Come on…and the reviews aren’t great either.

And clarinets.