Makita Cordless Drill Combo Set



How do these Ni-Cads compare to Lithium? I have been purchasing LiON tools for years and they operate great. Long battery life, fast charging, and potential power does not drain when sitting for months. From all the old school Ni-Cads that I had, the batteries didn’t last and degrade very fast. I know you can refresh them, but it’s just too much hassle. Especially on my Nikon D1X SLR.


The are NiCAD

Unless your are someone who will do a lot of work with these, stay away. Not for the occasional user. NiCad batteries aren’t meant to sit around unused for long periods of time. They stop being able to take a charge.


This is a good price for an around the house set. Won’t get a ton of power like some higher priced kits but good for small projects.

Edit: looks like 280 over at amazon with only one left.


i could be wrong but this looks like a set that is at leats 3 generations removed from makitas current line up. also for a few more bucks you can buy a li-ion set, and the batteries for that are much better for the home user, and in general imo.


This model is sooooo out of production. They haven’t made it in years. AND the current lithium ion drill and impact set at The Home Depot is $10 more, has better batteries, more power, and a faster charger. WOOT what are you thinking???


Agreed. This is new price for old stuff. NiCad’s are a pain in the ass to deal with.


Thanks everyone for the feedback on the battery and age of this product. I have been looking for a drill motor and did not know about the differences in batteries. It is not something I would use every day at all. Maybe once or twice a year.


I wouldnt buy this for my girlfirend. NiCad, 14.4V, and looks cheap- no thank you.


OK, after 1.5 hours, the first Woot! and the last Woot! are the same person.

Interesting? Even after 8 beers, I can see this.

It’s 2012. NiCads? I think not!
Makita is a well-founded company. Why drag them through the dirt like this!

Amazon, (Woot!) you can do better than this! Amazon, if you want to run Woot! down like this, I understand. You need to make a profit. But, I’ve been here for over a decade (that’s 10 years for you bean counters) and have NEVER Seen Woot! drop to this level.

Just so you know, I spent double, on 2 cast iron skillets, with Woot!s logo on them. (!) I could have gotten cheaper Lodge stuff, right across the street. But, I do believe in Woot! Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t! (Go ahead, drag Lodge through that dirt. I can see a Madea “grits ball” slapdown here.)(Google it!)



I’ve had this set for at least 5 years, maybe longer. I’m sure I paid well under this price on sale when I bought it. The tools are decent quality but the NiCad batteries died last year. I replaced it with a Skil Lithium Ion set which is same or better quality and the batteries last much longer on a charge. By the way, who buys incandescent bulb flashlights any more?


absolutely correct. this was not a good deal 5 years ago either as those batteries are 2 generations back, mak had the black ni-mh after these red ones. steer clear!

edit: i mean 2 generations back from current, in other words 3 generations back. these were just after mak’s 9.6v and 12v stick style.


Aw, Steve,

If you’ve been around 10 years, you’ve seen us drag more through the dirt than this. We’ve sold much worse stuff.

You do know that we tend to sell stuff that’s beyond it’s prime, right? Stuff that’s been replaced with newer and better models?

It’s not top of the line but that doesn’t mean it’s not good someone for the occasional small project.

Oh, and we have our own buyers. We stand proud before the crap we sell!


These are not good at any price. 18V min. Couldn’t sell these at a garage sale.


these are very old would buy to have at camper … for 25 to 50 bucks but 189 ? come on its not that they are bad but that price for underpowered old tech? PASS!!


HAHA. That is funny. WOOT is thinking there is one in every crowd. This is much better than a box of 10 used keyboards.


Makita is a good brand of drill, but I would stay away from these. I just bought a Milwaukee set from Amazon which is $199.99 with free shipping for prime

Doesn’t have the flashlight thing but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker to anyone serious about a good drill set.

The Milwaukee set is 18 v vs 14.4 and Lithium vs ni-cad which makes a huge difference. Ni-cad batteries don’t have nearly the same lasting power as Lithium Ion and there’s a reason they are a lot more expensive. Save yourself time and money and pass on this deal.


I’ve had this set, with a couple of additions…another light and another drill…and they’ve lasted far longer than I could have imagined. After 15 years the batteries are going to need rebuilt but are still more than capable of handling most jobs, but I’m sold forever more sold on the brand.

Several of the professional mechanics at work use these every day.


I agree with the rest; this is a pretty disappointing price for non-lithium. It seems you can get the same set, plus a task light, for a similar price from several retailers via amazon:

One important thing to consider is what other pieces you can get to expand your set. In this case, it looks like all the other pieces have been discontinued, so the only items that can use the outdated batteries you’d get are the ones that come in the same package. source:


Must agree with other complaints here. TT what you say is fine, we all love woot (or at least i still do), but usually the crap you sell is accordingly priced. There have been new Lithium Ion Makita sets popping up at HD for around the same price. Heck I just bought porter cable impact driver with 2 LIon battery from Amazon for $121 (no drill). its not makita but its 18v, and i will actually be able to buy other add-on tools to use with the batteries.
This is a new low, even for you.