Makita Cordless Drill Combo Set

Again? Really? The worst deal in power tools just won’t go away will it.

NiCad batteries, really? Ugh!

Might not beat La Femme Nakita, but everyone could use these Makita’s. Drilled it right down to the core of this issue didn’t I? And go ahead, keep your clothes on while using these bad girls.

That’s why this site is called Sellout. We won’t stop until it’s sold out. :tongue:

The only issue with these are that if you don’t use them daily and only once in a while, the battery will die before you know it. Constantly leaving it charged, not using it for a year and then using it, keeping the battery drained, etc., will destroy the battery life. And believe me, the batteries for these things are almost or more expensive than the set.

I am a fan of nicad batteries, but you need to know why. Ni cads have a bit more weight than lithium. However, they are capable of more charge cycles, the number of times you can charge the battery and it will work. It’s a good deal, and Makita makes a great tool. My old 20+ year old Makitas are still working, even when I need to buy a $35 battery. So, if you can spend around $200, buy a Lithium battery set. These are just fine. Do remember not to leave them plugged in all the time and charge them the night before and you’ll be very happy.

i work in sheet metal hvac work with ni cad batteries all the timime they hold up well and you just have to take care of them.

For those that like good deals…

I wouldn’t touch this set for less than $50.00. Old technology that has been abandoned by Makita for good reason. A similar set powered by the current litheon battery technology is not much more on Amazon and comes with great seller support. It just makes no sense to buy this set if you take the time to get informed. Buy the way, I’m a tool freak, and a total cheapskate. Believe me, I know what I am talking about.

Right on the money I would buy it as a kick around set for under $50 but at $150 I’d rather spend the money on a real quality and new set.

You are right! OMG, not again!

NiCd batteries are the best for people who use them on a regular basis. They are used in satellites. If you expect to use them infrequently then get some decent corded tools. They will last much longer and generally have more power.

I love my Makita Tools, but once you go to lithium you will never go back. I had the NiCad for years before and I can tell you that the difference is night and day. The best feature is that that I can go for months without using it and when I do it’s still charged and ready to go. The charge will last at least 10 times longer than the equivalent NiCad and are much lighter. When I grab a tool I want it to be ready to go! go lithium, The NiCad is dead.

I’ve had these for years, used them when I was a dealer tech and they held up very well. I retired from the dealer and still do some automotive work from time to time. Sorry to report, but I’m not having all the battery issues everyone else here seems to have. I think my batteries are now 7-ish years old. The 3/8" impact driver is wonderful, a major time saver and it has some balls.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen inch pounds of torque as a measurement. Is the conversion as simple as 1240 inch pounds /12 to get foot pounds, like everyone else uses?

Thanks for your comments everyone. I bought the Hitachi set for homeowner use, only to find out that the drill and driver doesn’t come with a chuck that holds drill bits. I didn’t think to check because what’s a drill without a chuck, a glorified screw gun. I saw this Makita set and know that Makita makes the top rated tools as reviews by consumer reports. I had a set but it was stolen by a unscrupulous drug addict. Is there such a thing as a scrupulous drug addict? Not in my experience. But I digress. Makita makes great tools, but the Ni-Cad batteries in this kit is old battery technology. For a little bit more spend the money on Lithium Ion. This set is overpriced if a Li-on battery drill set can be purchased for a little bit more. Keep trying Woot. I’ve gotten some good deals on here. Now if only I can find out where to buy an inexpensive chuck for that Hitachi set. I’m going to Hitachi’s website next.

Way too much for Ni-Cad!

i bought the drills for the fact that nicd is very good stuff. But the 1.3ah batteries can suck a big fat one. But you get two. also you get a pretty versatile charger. However i did buy a 2.6ah battery last month prior to the drills and that makes these really kick ass. also i have 2 Older 1/2 inch 14 volt drill that needed batteries. so i got free batteries for them in a way. But you need to use them all the time as said earlier. and don’t perma charge.

With all due respect, you obviously haven’t used the newer set of these with the Lithium Ion batteries. The Li-ion batteries have significantly more power, and last significantly longer between charges. When you need to charge them you don’t need to worry because giving them only a partial charge won’t hurt them, and leaving them on the charger overnight won’t hurt them either. I spent the $300 for the drill and impact driver set and Home Depot about 2 years ago, and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.