Malbec Grenache Cab Blanc Noir

Holey Moley Copa Cab again ??? How much of the **** did they produce?

More than you can possibly drink.

BTW why do they show RBW’s “bad Moon Rising” in the main page of the “woot plus” and Malbec in the offer, I’d jump all over the BMR.

Throws down the challenge glove.

PS: I’m asking about the banner art.
Update: Little bit of cropping and the problem is solved. LOL

Same could probably be said about the 2009 Martian Grenache Blanc. That one just won’t run out.

SBI PN is a great daily drinker at a great price for PN.

I don’t think it sells that well. Thus repeat offers to move it. My wife enjoyed the flavor profile but found the wine to be too heavy on the tongue. I enjoyed it more. But she drinks most of the whites so it is not a rebuy.

Bummer was hoping it was the Bad Moon Rising being offered. Might try the Malbec, got time to think about it. thanks

Try it you will like it! If not ship it to me and I will drink it.

I thought you’ve bought this Malbec a couple of different times now?

Your right it was called Winter Reds in the Jan woot off. I do like it,
not really in it this morning just got the results of an MRI this week and it seems I have torn my achilles now waiting for a Ortho appointment,
so much for golf and possibly my trip to Austin in august. :frowning:

Ouch :frowning: sorry to hear that :frowning:

Bummer Fred. Hope you recover as quickly as possible. I grew up around Austin - not to be missed! I remember reading you were thinking about retiring there. Awesome choice :slight_smile:


Your right were going to look at houses, c/o the weather and all around, My son was interviewed for the Austin FD last week and Daughters are about 10 hrs away. see the Ortho today so I’ll know more after that, really want to make the trip

edit bad news
moving to
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The Grenache Blanc is well worth the money if you even remotely like whites.

The Copa Del Rey is decent for steak marinades or if you want to start your own homemade balsamic bucket. Or perhaps degrease a submarine.

I like the copa for a good everyday wine. I drink it a couple of times a week. I am getting low so will probably buy. Can’t beat a steady, solid wine for under 10 bucks a bottle shipped. Plus I can cook with it, and marinate meats, and not break the bank!!!

Do you have any tasting notes for the Grenache Blanc? I have considered this offer before but never seen to get much from those who have tasted it. I did see one wooters notes on CT but would appreciate additional feedback.

Regarding the “balsamic bucket” idea for the Copa. Sound interesting. What do you do?

Hows the pinot? Compared to Mirrisou?

Hey Fred, I’m in Austin right now visiting friends. It’s Postpone till October and its a perfect place to visit. :slight_smile:

As for the Malbec, its awesome. I’m sorry to see it offered right now because I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore wine until I’m off the meds that don’t allow any alcohol. (And believe me, I tested that one with more than a little regret).