I like the design and all but you really couldn’t have just drawn the feet?

I don’t get it.

The new AFLAC goose.

I second this.

Is it just me or have these shirts gone from awesome (2 years back) to too cartoony and too much of a “cute” or “clever” grab? I am tired of seeing bubbly “stuff” for shirts.

I’m aware that a mallard is a kind of duck but what’s with the shadow?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but that duck’s head in no way resembles a hand.

I like it, but not enough to buy it I don’t think.

Duck ventriloquist…nice glossy spotlight sheen

What does the Shadow, know? Duck!

The quack is a lie.

Awwww, he has no footies. Or perhaps he’s wearing fashionable dark footwear. :slight_smile:

Great shirt!

what a knucklehead!

The two things I don’t get are…

-The body looks like it was deep-fried
-What is the point of the shadow puppet?

Does anyone think the bottom part of the duck looks like he’s smothered in BBQ sauce?

Mmmm barbequed duck.

Wait, are you serious?

and why does it’s body look like it was made out of hamburger?

My family lives on a pond that is home to mallard ducks year-round, but strangely enough, I never see them once it gets dark. Now I know where mallard ducks go at night!

(Seriously, ever heard a mallard duck quack? It sounds like a nervous man who knows he’s not funny but still wants to impress a girl. Kind of like the fool on this shirt…)

“So I just flew in from Mexico…and boy are my wings tired!”

Hmm, guess that joke doesn’t really work for migratory birds.