MalloMe Stainless Steel Tumbler 30 oz

MalloMe Stainless Steel Tumbler 30 oz

Bought from Woot before. Works well but found exact copies at walmart’s dollar bin multiple times. Lids pop off due to the heat, so you must cool the coffee some or risk it popping open from pressure while driving. I mainly bought it for the straw which is excellent. I don’t use it as often as I should and you can’t wash it with hot water with rubber gloves or the cup heats up super fast and will melt your gloves.

Edit: Turns out it was Amazon, not Woot, and I paid $19.99 for it in 2017. Same price today on Amazon.

Save your $$ and get a Yeti.

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that’s an oxymoron :smirk:


Why is it the warranty is listed here at 2 years and the warranty for the same item on Amazon is " 1 LIFETIME GUARANTEE & 100% SATISFACTION - MalloMe is dedicated to address any product/service issues and is committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers or your money back!"
Are these factory 2nds or something?

Nice Tumbler and “straw”. I still cannot understand how my plastic straw will travel from BFE, Mississippi to the Great Pacific Garbage Pyle.

MalloMe direct (the seller on Amazon) is Lifetime. We’re 2 years.

You can get the Ozark Trail version of this for about half the price at Walmart. And there are multiple color options. They’re great. No, don’t blow all your money on an over-priced Yeti, the Walmart knock off is the same thing, but a fraction of the price. And if you must, go buy a Yeti sticker for your car on ebay, you’ll still come out way cheaper.

Can the cup itself be safely top rack dishwasher cleaned? Or only the accessories?

Kidding I Hope about the yeti.

As for the walmart, this same combo is 15.99 for a powder coated one. Best I’ve seen is the 30oz tumbler alone for around $7 there but it is tumbler and one lid. The handle can be nice, the straw and cleaner are nothing I use personally.