Mama Bev's Butter Cake, 3 Pack - Your Choice

All this math just to buy some delicious fattening cake has me::sweat_smile:
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Hello all! Sorry for the inadvertent ghosting. There was an emergency and your Mama Bev Wooter , me, was down for the count. :face_with_thermometer: Still in recovery but we will try our best to answer your questions and concerns.

@bottomfeeder57 Personally have not had the opportunity to bake the 6x6 cakes so I am unable to confirm or deny your claims. With that said, you have been very enthusiastic about the math and so we trust your calculations.

@Wooter772326458 we are sorry that you feel we are misleading you and starting shady tactics. We promise that is not the case. Going to have a heart to heart as you all k is we love to be open with our guests. You are all important. Previous Woot deals were a bit of a strain in the “wallet” department. In order for us to continue to make more cake, we have to make more dough. :wink:. We want you all to continue to get Woot deals from us. It was decided that to achieve this, we would offer our 6x6 size so that you could still take advantage of a deal while helping us continue to make the cakes you know amd love!

@Larry1977 sometimes when you love something so much you get passionate. We are here for all of it!


I hope you’re okay! Please take care.


Going slow but doing better thank you! :hugs:


Take care of yourself! Glad you’re mostly ok!


You’re one of a kind Mama Bev Wooter. We missed your fun and informative posts. Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Thank you!! You are all amazing :star_struck:


That cake makes it all worth it. Simply amazing l :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Only 2/3 the size of the last offering, at roughly the same price. I will read the description better next time.


Reel 'em in, then shrink the product.

@lapsrus & @beebles: You can read MamaBev’s post above about the smaller size.

A company is allowed to do what it needs to do to stay profitable. :smiley: