Mama Bev's Butter Cake, 3 Pack

You are too kind. :blush:


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Oh no, we hope the issue gets resolved soon or we might have to get aggressive…

Hi there. Try

Logging out of both Woot & Amazon.
Clear cookies for woot & Amazon.
Log back in and try again.

If it’s the app, restart your phone & app to clear everything out.

@ThunderThighs thank you, conspiracy theories be damned, butter cakes are ordered.


That sounds like a great combo! My favorites are the fruit flavors and the caramel’s (so Apple Caramel should be the best-est, but I have’t gotten that one… yet!)

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Sooo… This Butter Cake uses palm and soybean oil as the third ingredient (after cake mix, sugar) instead of butter. Shouldn’t it be called “Butter-Style” Cake? I hate to be that guy but when butter is the very last ingredient in the “less than 2% of” list it seems a little disingenuous. I guess a single pat of butter is used solely to satisfy the labeling requirements.

I ordered these last summer and they were delicious but I’m not sure if the recipe has changed or they were always made this way. I doubt the pioneers used cheaper oils when creating St Louis Butter Cake.

That being said I’m still gonna order a mixed case because they are just that good.

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…pounced like last time.
Good timing, just got into the 3rd one from the previous order,
salted caramel. Soooo good, of course.

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It says to “use or freeze by the 24th” but the shipping says it won’t be delivered till the 25th? What’s a butter cake addict to do?

WOOHOOO! Glad that it got sorted. Thank yo so much for sticking with us and for your support! It is greatly appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MamaBevsBakery when are we going to convince Woot! to offer your gluten free version?

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We apologize if you feel that we are being misleading. That is not our intention at all. Our cakes are called Butter Cakes because they are made with butter and not just oil. With that being said, as someone who has made these cakes in our kitchen, there is plenty of butter and more.

Our recipe has not changed and that is actually a point that we try not to waver on, unless we think we can make it even better for our guests. We have not changed or will change our recipe just to cut cost. We want all of our guests to receive the same cakes as if they purchased directly from us, with the same delicious taste of home.

Although you were unsure, we thank you so much for supporting us! It truly means a great deal. We promise we have not changed our recipe and we have enough butter in our cakes to make Paula Dean giddy. :wink:


Woot! Woot! We are so glad that not only did you enjoy your cakes but are supporting us again. It means so much to us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great question! Maybe we can offer a separate listing with a 3 pack of our gluten free some time. I will mention it to the powers that be.
:grin: :grin:

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Oh no, the Mixed Butter Cake, 3 Pack, has sold out. Guess I’ll have to try the Chocolate Lovers, 3 Pack.

Woot! buyers, please convince the fine people at Mama Bev’s to offer a Woot! deal on some of the fruit flavors and Pumpkin flavor. You might have to use some special negotiating skills. tenor

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@MamaBevsBakery gluten free has a big “following” on Woot. I don’t have a clue what the actual #s are or anything, but it seems like a lot of people ask about whether something has gluten or how th GF option is - for some products I have seen them sell out quickly. You seem to have a great following on Woot already, so from a marketing standpoint offering it as an option may very well increase your customer base

Just food for thought

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Haha you said “food for thought” and no I don’t know why I found that amusing?!?

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We apologize for missing your message last night. It seems that there is always something interesting with the date on our Woot deal. Which is perfectly fine because it gives us another reason to talk to you fine Wooters! Our cakes are baked fresh and when they arrive, they can be consumed up to 2 weeks at room temperature, 2 months in the fridge, or 9 months in the freezer!

Alright everyone, gather round as we are going to have a bit of a heart to heart. We love that you all love our fruit flavors but unfortunately UPS does not. With the higher moisture content, they are prone to get mutilated on their way to you. We do not want that. We want our Wooters to be happy when they open their box from Mama Bev’s Bakery. Until we figure out the issue with UPS, fruit flavors will have to be on hold. We hope you understand and won’t be too upset with this news. We know this is not what you want to hear but the number of cakes that get destroyed is just TOO D*** HIGH! Too-Damn-High


Would love to see the peanut butter option offered. Would that one ship okay? Fingers crossed…:crossed_fingers:

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