Mama Bev's Butter Cake, 3 Pack

That very page says minimum $45 purchase for free shipping.

But their special Cupid Combo deal gets the free shipping at $39:

Where two banners conflict, I expect the one highest and in red to supersede.

Besides, I’m not having the fake dye laden Red Velvet cult crap foisted on me.

Well the $45 banner is their standard free shipping deal, probably shows up on all cake pages, and can be closed. Whereas the teal banner is part of that page, plus it’s also mentioned in the text describing the deal.

I’m not a fan of red velvet, and I just got 7 lbs of chocolates with a BB date of 2/1, so I’m not in the market for any more sweets atm. Overall, though, Mama Bev’s cakes are great, and their FedEx shipping is infinitely better than woot’s standard.

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I received my Mixed Box today - perfect condition! So delicious!

Mama Bev - where you been all my life?!?!

Just one question: Can I save the ice pack and re-use it?


I did


@hot72chev what flavors did you get?

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The mixed box had an original, a chocolate, and a salted caramel.
I froze the last two, opened the original and OMG!


@MamaBevsBakery I just came across your “late delivery apology” on Facebook. That is brilliant!:joy: Just another reason to love Mama Bev’s.:heart:

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@die13lda Is correct. We have a deal that if you purchase $45 or more on any order you will receive free shipping. Every month or so we will have a special promo for a combo pack that will be $39 and free shipping. You do not have to reach the $45 with that promo.

We are sorry that you feel that way about Red Velvet. Although Red Velvet is now known for it’s red color there actually is a difference between Red Velvet and Chocolate. Many enjoy it because it has a richer taste because of the vinegar and buttermilk that is used which a “regular” chocolate cake does not contain. We hope with this little tidbit you will give Red Velvet a try no mater if it is a traditional Red Velvet Cake or our St. Louis Butter Cake! :grin:

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7 Lbs of Chocolate sounds like a wonderful night in. :yum:

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We have been here waiting for you all along!

For the Ice packs you absolutely can reuse them. They are great for coolers, lunch boxes, picnic baskets etc.

We are so glad that you love your cakes! That makes us so happy. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the other flavors.

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Mama always has your back! :wink:

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Every Red Velvet item I’ve seen elsewhere gets that color via massive amounts of artificial coloring. If yours is different, please describe the ingredients/process that yield that color.

If the only reason you do not like Red Velvet is becasue of the red dye, we completely understand. Dyes are not to everyone’s “taste”.

Our Red Velvet St. Louis Butter Cake does use artificial coloring, so it would not be for you.

If you are baker yourself, we have found traditional red velvet cake recipes online that do not use any dye. We think you will enjoy one of those. If you would like us to recommend a recipe, we would be more than happy to send a link!

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We have polished off the Chocolate Chip Butter Cake and most of the Red Velvet Butter Cake from our Chocolate Variety Pack. I’m not sure why red velvet was included with the chocolate, but we like it even better then the chocolate chip flavor.:+1:

I have bowls set aside in case you decide to do a Woot! deal on a fruit variety pack in the future. Just post a disclaimer about shipping hazards. Alternatively you could offer an Original, a Pumpkin and a Raspberry (or Blueberry Lemon). How much would you have to charge to use USPS or FedEx?


YES! We are so excited that you loved your cakes. Red Velvet was included with the chocolate lovers pack because it also contains cocoa. Red Velvet is similar to a chocolate cake but uses vinegar and buttermilk which makes it richer.

Woot is partnered with UPS, so we do not have the option of choosing a shipping partner. Orders purchased directly from us are shipped via Fedex.

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I received the cakes in what seemed like a minute so that was awesome. Perfect condition and the Ice pack was interesting and still cold. Now for the cakes I am disappointed to say they were very difficult to keep away from my roommates. I mean it was ridiculous I had 2 pieces. Went to bed and woke up and the first cake was gone. I was like damn, and I already promised one to my neigbour lady. So I was down to just one cake. You know my roomies said they didn’t appreciate butter cakes, ya I know weirdo’s right. Any way I am completely out now and wish I could have gotten a mixed box. I might still be able to buy a box but right now money is a little tight. Rents due and after the cake murder I mean after my roomates decided to go on vacation to Saudi Arabia. I bet they will love it so much they won’t come back. Anywho any body need a place to crash I am looking for roomates, must not like butter cake. This story is fictional other than the Fantastic butter cakes. I dony have roommates and I ate all the cakes myself oh, except for the one I gave to my neigbour. Thanks


I am going to go on record and say that the mideast crisis and pretty much any other crisis, can be solved with @MamaBevsBakery cakes, as long as the crisis is not enough for everyone.

For those of you who would like a variety they are running a Paddy’s Day special for $39 (including FedEx shippjng) of 3 family size cakes, which include an original, mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream

As for red velvet cakes, in short during the 1800’s they started using cocoa to cut down on the coarseness of flour and to make the cake more … velvety and the red came from what they believe to be a chemical reaction.

Then during WWII when items such as sugar and butter, people began to use beets which made the cakes softer and … red

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I have never tried Mama Bev Cakes. I live in KY and don’t recall seeing them in any stores around here. Woot has sold out. It seems like they are good though by all the comments.