Mammoth Coolers

Nice with the sizes - love the dimensions, and the bananas for scale! Thanks so much!!

Need to provide interior dimensions…

Bummer. Just yesterday a spent $200 on a cooler that comes with a blender. Shame.

How do these stack up against the Yeti’s? Are they bear proof? How about monkey proof?

It totally depends on whether said monkeys fly and scream.

I think it was popular mechanics that did that conparison w multiple coolers including these and yeti. Dropped from up high, bounced down a road and put in front of a bear. Different scores on bounce and drop but the bear got into them all in a matter of a few minutes. Long story short, if you want a bear away from your grub, stay away from bears.

Their website boasts “Tested at some of the hottest places on earth”. Well? Where are the test results? I’m only getting info on a cpu cooler. I need a good cooler for camping in Texas or weeks in the desert.

Test was with Igloo, Yeti and Pelican.

Anyone have the actual weight on these things? If you’re flying somewhere the weight of the coolers is really critical in the amount of stuff you can actually bring inside it.

Not finding much info anywhere! But it must be better than igloo exteme, no? I think that’s only good for up to 90 degrees

Added to the “Specs” tab. Thanks for the call-out.

Warranty updated on all models from 1 year Mammoth to lifetime Mammoth. Boom.

From Mammoth… “Tested in Cambodia and Thailand during summer and in direct sunlight for part of the day. Cooler opened twice per day (morning and evening) for 30 seconds each time. Ice retention consistently 7+ days.”

Are replacement latches, handles, hinges and gasket seals included in the warranty?


For this price, I’d rather go with the Coolest Cooler, and have the blender, speakers, USB charger and all the other cool perks.

The specs state the latches are stainless steel, but they do not appear to be, unless black is the new stainless steel color.

That Coolest Cooler is pretty darn cool.

Party Boy…

Yes, they are included. Not against abuse, but against normal defect/wear.